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Bendigo Bank may be best known for its financial products, but the company also provides a range of communications services through its Bendigo Bank Telco arm. Founded as a community-focused business to ‘address the lack of local internet service providers’, Bendigo Bank Telco provides both mobile phone plans and home internet plans, on both ADSL and NBN broadband connections.

Bendigo Bank Telco’s broadband plans offer huge amounts of data for you to use, and their reasonable pricing makes them attractive for customers all around Australia. The plans can also be bundled with home phone packages for a complete home communications solution for your whole family. Read on for a breakdown of Bendigo’s plans, and how they compare to the competition.

What does Bendigo Bank Telco offer?

ADSL plans

Bendigo provides two different ADSL plans – one is a naked plan with broadband only and PAYG calls, and the other a bundled plan which includes home phone calls. Both plans are available on a 24 month contract, which comes with zero start-up, installation or equipment fees – the cost of a wireless modem is included in your monthly fee. The details of Bendigo’s two plans are as follows:

Plan ADSL Basics ADSL + Phone
Price per month $49.95 $79.95
Data Unlimited Unlimited
Phone calls Unlimited landline + mobile

NBN plans

Bendigo’s range of NBN plans is more comprehensive. There are four naked plans to choose from, each with a different level of download speeds. All NBN plans are available on fibre connections, and the two lower speed plans are also available on fixed wireless connections for Aussies living in remote areas.

Customers can turn an NBN plan into a bundle with unlimited landline and mobile calls for an extra $20/month. Your call service is provided using a VoIP service over the NBN. All NBN plans are also available on 24 month contracts, with no extra fees whatsoever. The full details are below:

Plan NBN 12 Basics NBN 25 Basics NBN 50 Basics NBN 100 Basics
Price per month $59.95 $79.95 $89.95 $99.95
Data Unlimited Unlimited 1TB (1000GB) 1TB (1000GB)
Download/upload speeds 12/1 Mbps 25/5 Mbps 50/20 Mbps 100/40 Mbps

How does Bendigo Bank Telco compare to other providers?

With its basic ADSL plan starting at less than $50 per month, Bendigo Bank Telco offers one of the best value ADSL connections available. The plan’s monthly pricing is beaten by only a few providers such as Dodo and AusBBS, and a complete lack of up-front fees makes it an attractive proposition for the cost-savvy.

The ADSL bundle packs less of a punch, with several plans from the likes Barefoot, TPG and iPrimus beating Bendigo on price, but it still represents a smart choice for customers who dislike equipment and installation fees. Check out a comparison of Bendigo’s ADSL offering below:

If you’re after an NBN plan, Bendigo again doesn’t disappoint with its entry-level plans. The NBN 12 Basics plan with Tier 1 speeds is again one of the cheapest plans available – only $5 away from being the equal-lowest price on the market. With the attraction of no setup fees and a free modem, it’s certainly a plan worth considering over its monthly rivals.

Decent value is also found in the NBN 25 Basics plan, which at $79 per month competes against plans from iPrimus, Tellnet and several others. The Tier 4 plan provides similarly competitive pricing, beaten by only a handful of plans which all require up-front fees.

You may think a bank has no place in competing for your internet services, but Bendigo Bank Telco has a comprehensive range of home broadband plans that offer some seriously competitive value. If you’re in the market for a long-term plan and don’t fancy up-front costs, Bendigo could well be the provider for you.

Please note that all pricing details in this report are correct at the time of publication. To ensure you’re seeing the latest prices, check the provider website.

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