Review of Boom Broadband plans

Boom Broadband is an Australian internet service provider that claims to focus on great customer service and affordable NBN plans. It utilises AAPT’s nationwide network to provide services to homes around the country, and all different NBN technologies are supported, including fibre, fixed wireless and standalone phone services. Canstar Blue has reviewed all of Boom Broadband’s NBN plans, so you can determine which one best suits your needs.

What does Boom Broadband offer?

First up are Boom Broadband’s fibre-to-the-home NBN plans, which come in two varieties: Light or Extreme. Both plans are available with one of three NBN speed tiers – basic speeds of 12/1 Mbps are included, whilst upgrading to 25/5 Mbps will cost an extra $10 per month and 50/20 Mbps costs $30 per month.

The Light plan allows you to purchase a router from $50, whilst the Extreme plan includes one as standard. Both also let you add a home phone subscription for $10 per month to make PAYG phone calls over a VoIP connection. Check out the details below:

Plan Light Extreme
Cost per month $45 $65
Data 50GB Unlimited
Contract options
  • 24 months (No setup fee)
  • 12 months ($50 setup fee)
  • Monthly ($100 setup fee)

Source: Boom Broadband website

If you’re after a bundled plan, things are still nice and simple, as you can choose from three call packs to add to one of the broadband plans above. The NBN Phone simply plugs into the UNI-V port on your new Wi-Fi modem, and replaces your landline phone. You’ll then have access to cheap call rates over the internet, including free calls to 1800 numbers. The call packs on offer are as follows:

Pack PAYG National Premium
Cost per month $10 $15 $25
Inclusions PAYG calls Unlimited local & national calls Unlimited local, national & mobile calls

Source: Boom Broadband website

How does Boom Broadband compare to other providers?

Boom Broadband faces stiff competition as an NBN-only provider, and fortunately the company doesn’t disappoint. Boom offers one of the cheapest entry-level NBN plans on the market, charging just $45 per month for the 50GB Light plan. This pricing is on par with several other plans from the likes of Dodo, Southern Phone and AusBBS, with only two other providers charging less.

The unlimited data of the Extreme plan, meanwhile, is less impressive. Whilst the asking price of $65 per month is not far off the cheapest competitor, there are swathes of telcos offering unlimited NBN data for $55-$60 each month. That said, Boom Broadband offers a free NBN Wi-Fi router, which adds value to its plan in a hypercompetitive segment.

When you bundle a phone plan, Boom Broadband continues to offer good if unspectacular value. The $65 per month broadband plan with PAYG calls is equal on price with several competitors, but is also undercut by almost $10 per month by the likes of Exetel, SpinTel and more. The value gap continues to grow as speeds increase: providers such as AusBBS and Activ8me offer much cheaper unlimited plans at Tier 2 and Tier 4 download speeds.

Boom Broadband offers some compelling value on its standalone plans, with the inclusion of a Wi-Fi router adding further value. Whilst its bundled plans can’t quite cut it against the competition, this provider could be a worthy choice for your internet subscription.

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