Review of Harbour ISP broadband plans

Harbour ISP is an Australian-owned internet service provider based in Mudgee, NSW. Offering exclusively NBN plans since 2013, Harbour ISP serves customers all around the country. With services available on fibre, fixed wireless and even on the NBN’s Sky Muster satellite service, Harbour ISP is truly dedicated to serving everyone from the inner city to remote areas. We’ve reviewed all of Harbour ISP’s NBN plans for you to decide if one is right for you.

What does Harbour ISP offer?

Harbour ISP’s bread and butter is its NBN fibre plans, which supply the majority of its customers as the NBN rollout continues apace. There are two different data allowances on offer, along with your choice from four different download speeds. You can also pick from a monthly contract ($99 setup fee), 12 month contract (no setup fee) or a 24 month contract (no setup fee + free Wi-Fi router). For more discerning customers, you can purchase a static public IP address for an extra $10 per month. The plan options are below:

Data speeds 12/1 Mbps 25/5 Mbps 50/20 Mbps 100/40 Mbps
Price per month $49 $59 $79 $89
Data limit
  •  250GB (included)
  • Unlimited (+$10/month)
  • 250GB (included)
  • Unlimited (+$10/month)
  • 500GB (included)
  • 1000GB (+$10/month)
  •  500GB (included)
  • 1000GB


Source: Harbour ISP website

If you want to bundle home phone calls with your NBN plan, you can option it with one of two call packs. Both deliver service using the VoIP NBN phone, and include several ancillary benefits such as free calls to other Harbour ISP services. The call packs are as follows:

Pack Home Phone Home Phone + Mobile
Cost per month $10 $20
  •  Unlimited local & national calls
  • 1000 minutes to 12 selected countries
All the Home Phone inclusions, plus:

  • Unlimited calls to Australian mobiles
  • Unlimited calls to 13/1300 numbers

Source: Harbour ISP website

How does Harbour ISP compare to other providers?

With the basic 250GB NBN plan starting at just $49 per month, Harbour ISP presents a strong case for being your NBN service provider. That price marks it as the equal cheapest NBN plan in the Tier 1 speed segment, with four other providers supplying NBN plans at the $49 mark, although two others include a superior 500GB.

At basic speeds, the unlimited data plan costs just ten dollars extra, making it one of the cheapest plans you can buy for what it includes. The $59 price point is typical, with several other providers offering unlimited monthly plans at this point, but it nevertheless represents excellent value for money at both speed tiers.

The value equation holds steady as data download speeds increase to 50/20 Mbps, with both the 500GB and 1000GB plans amongst the five cheapest plans in the segment. It’s only at maximum speeds that Harbour ISP’s plans are undercut by rival offerings from MyRepublic and several others.

Bundled plans are a similar story, with Harbour ISP’s $79/month Home Phone bundle priced similarly to several plans from Barefoot, iPrimus and several others. There are several providers which charge more than $10 a month less, but almost none can match the included local and national calls provided by Harbour ISP. Once again it’s a similar story at higher internet speeds, which sees Harbour ISP retain its position as one of the best-value providers.

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