amaysim: Data use growing in leaps and bounds

amaysim logoA generation ago – even ten years ago – watching a particular TV series meant making a regular date with your couch. Bar recording it on your VHS, it was a case of making sure you were available at a certain time to sit down and sit through the advertisements. Heaven forbid that the phone should ring while your favourite show was on!

Things have changed so rapidly that many digital natives can’t conceive of someone watching free-to-air TV at all, let alone committing to watch it at a certain time each week. With a slew of online video content providers now available or soon arriving to Australia – think Stan, Presto, Netflix – our future data usage may well be the thing most likely to trip us up when committing to a mobile phone plan.

We recently caught up with Canstar Blue award winner amaysim for some info on our data habits; amaysim’s Head of Corporate Affairs & Communications, Gerard Mansour, gave us the low down.

Q: With Netflix on the way and the increasing amount of data we collectively download, how important is it to consider your possible future use of mobile technology as opposed to simply the here and now?

A: Talk and text is a given in any plan for lots of mobile users, with more and more Aussies now more interested in how much data is included in their plan. The fact that almost half of all mobile bill shock, according to some Galaxy research we commissioned in 2014, is caused by data, shows that data really is the new key consideration.

We’re seeing data use grow in leaps and bounds every year, so when people look for a mobile plan they should really think about what they’ll use today and also factor in a bit of fat. This is because as networks get faster and people increasingly do more things on their smartphones at any one time, usage goes up. For example, people might listen to streaming radio on their commute while flicking through Facebook or checking for emails, then looking at Instagram.

This all adds up to more rich online experiences and more data use, so plans need to offer data inclusions to suit.

Q: What is amaysim’s most popular plan, and why?

A: The amaysim UNLIMITED plan which includes unlimited talk and text plus a massive 5GB of data for $44.90 per month, is amaysim’s most popular plan. It’s a plan that gives you one less budget item to worry about and also lets you really enjoy your smartphone, instead of having to treat it like a cut snake for fear of getting bitten by bill shock.

The award winning amaysim UNLIMITED plan gives customers a huge amount of data at a fantastic price, all in Australia. Best of all, there are no lock-in contracts with any amaysim mobile phone plan.

Lack of lock in contracts is certainly an important consideration. Just think of how your data download habits have changed over the past few years – and how they might change in the future! You can check out how Canstar Blue’s survey respondents have rated various phone plan providers across value for money, customer service, network coverage and more here.

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