MeU mobile: A phone service ‘community’

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Is it possible to love a mobile service provider more than a greasy takeaway meal at the end of a night out? One of the newest carriers in Australia certainly thinks so.

MeU mobile is one of a new breed of telcos, promising personalised service and great value plans. It claims to be Australia’s first ‘social’ mobile network, with a community of likeminded tech-savvy consumers. Oh, and it also says you’ll love it more than a kebab at 2am…

“MeU mobile was founded because we thought that the existing telcos were impersonal and their offerings unnecessarily complex,” said joint CEO Johannes Elheim. “We were tired of telecommunications being supplied, billed and treated as just another utility. We wanted to share our passion for everything new and exciting technology offers us through our mobile phones with all the likeminded people out there.

“MeU mobile is our attempt at creating a community of people taking the journey into the future together. We believe building a community around the supply of telecommunications is the only way to ensure that our company remains responsive to the new, and stays attuned to the true wants and needs of our members.”

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Based in Perth, MeU mobile was launched in July 2015 and utilises Telstra’s 3G network. Like many new mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs), it isn’t afraid to declare its target customer base as being the data-driven young Australians who, Canstar Blue research has found, are more likely to switch service providers. However, Mr Elheim says MeU mobile’s focus on personalised customer service and sense of community appeals to all demographics.

“Our members are as diverse as the ownership of mobile phones,” he said. “We believe in being inclusive and accessible to all, as curiosity and appreciation of human interactions are universal traits.

“We want to be a community in both the literal sense and in the way we view and interact with our members. The goal of the community is to have it extend beyond our network. In order to do this we are developing features and services that will enhance our members’ social lives. The aim is to create a social hub that becomes an empowering tool – empowering for our subscribers, creating extra value to accompany our products.”

MeU mobile phone plans

MeU mobile promises “uncomplicated and generous plans designed for the way you connect” and says it wants to “make friends” with its customers. Its plans are priced $29, $39, $49 or $59 per month, with included data ranging from 2GB to 5GB. Customers are charged $10 per GB when they exceed their monthly limits. All four are month to month BYO plans, with the SIM included in the price.

“When we launched, our plans were very competitive across the board,” said Mr Elheim. “In the last four months or so the market has caught up, in particular in relation to data inclusions. Our plans are still competitive, especially the $29 and $59 plans. The general idea is to create transparency in pricing and service, and make sure that the customer never pays for intangibles or more than they need.”

A new proposition

To stand out from the growing crowd of mobile carriers, new service providers like MeU mobile need to offer consumers a new proposition – something they don’t get from the likes of Telstra, Optus or Vodafone. More personalised service is a common selling point, but similarly to some new electricity retailers, this new breed of telcos is also taking a friendlier, light-hearted, or even whacky approach to its service. Hence the whole kebab thing…

“Generally we want to use our start-up mentality to include our customers in our development and let them influence the paths that the MeU mobile community decides to travel,” said Mr Elheim. “As a bunch of guys who grew up with the internet readily available, and who love and need to be connected, we believe that we can create a unique experience for our members where tech and personal service goes hand in hand, instead of working to eliminate each other.

“We hope that our personal passion and being backed by the best infrastructure in Australia will translate to a superior service that customers will feel a part of rather than a customer of. We are certain that we can deliver something unique to all Australians who want their telco to be more than a utility company.”

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