Optus’ best value phone plans

Optus is the second-largest mobile carrier in Australia, and with a network that spans the country it’s no wonder it has a wide variety of phone plans to suit all customers. With the service provider market becoming increasingly crowded, Optus has upped its game to deliver some impressive value on its latest plan updates.In this report we review Optus’ best value plans.

All of Optus’ phone plans come with unlimited talk and text, and run on the telco’s 4G Plus network. A clever feature allows you to pool your mobile data across multiple plans on the same account (perfect for families) and there are no lock-in contracts, allowing you to upgrade or leave whenever you like.

However, the biggest new drawcard of all is an entertainment one. In a major coup for Optus, it has secured the full rights to broadcast English Premier League football matches for the next couple of years. You can opt for a Premier League subscription on any mobile plan, which may come with an additional charge of $15 per month.

What does Optus offer?

Like all big telco, Optus offers mobile plans in both SIM-only and handset plan varieties, with the SIM plans available on monthly or 12 month contracts, and the mobile plans for 24 months. The handset plans, dubbed My Plan Plus, consist of five options ranging in price from $40/month to $120/month, and data ranging similarly from 1GB to a massive 20GB. Each plan (with the exception of the base $40 offer) also includes a quantity of international minutes for calls overseas.

The best value phone plan?

The best value plan, in our eyes, is also the most expensive – the $120 My Plan Plus, which brings 20GB of data, unlimited calls and texts, unlimited international minutes, and up to 10 days of Optus travel packs (each of which gives you unlimited international calls and 50MB of data overseas).

Along with the other My Plan Plus offerings, you get the benefit of no cancellation fees should you opt out of your contract – the only payment you’ll need to make is for the phone, which is fair enough. Furthermore, after 12 months you can pay $99 to upgrade your handset on a new 24 month plan.

The best value SIM plan?

When it comes to SIM-only offers, you can choose from four plans on a 12 month contract, or three different plans on a month to month basis, as well as a PAYG option. Just like the previous post-paid plans, Optus’ SIM plans include unlimited talk and text, a generous international call inclusion, and a Premier League football subscription. You can even get a 10% discount if you’re a university student

Our top value pick is the $50/month plan over 12 months, which offers 9GB of data and up to 500 international minutes to selected countries. The equivalent plan is more expensive on a monthly basis, costing $60/month, but remains the best buy for customers over that timeframe.

With free delivery to your doorstep (in under three hours if you live in Sydney), Optus is a convenient and reliable option with some seriously good value plans on offer.

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