Optus reveals early phone upgrade deal


If you’ve ever signed up to a two-year phone plan with the latest smartphone, only to look on in envy as your friends upgrade their handset a year later, Optus has a solution for you. And it could even leave you with two phones.

Optus has announced that customers on 24-month post-paid contracts will be able to upgrade their phone to the latest model after 12 months, provided they return their old handset in reasonable condition and pay a $99 fee. In fact, they could even pay off the remaining balance of their existing phone and walk away with both handsets – a convenient option for parents with kids eager to inherit their old phone, or if someone has a birthday coming up.

There are two options for Optus customers looking to get a new phone early:

  • Swap their current phone: Customers who want to upgrade to a new smartphone can return their current handset to an Optus store and get a brand new phone on another 24-month plan. However, the old phone must be “in good working order” and they will need to pay a fee of $99.
  • Keep their existing phone: Customers also have the option of trading up to a new phone after 12 months without having to say goodbye to their current handset. This means paying off the remaining cost of the old phone, including “any amount that Optus was going to cover” and signing up to a new 24-month plan.

“With so many great new phones hitting the market every year, two years can seem like a lifetime to wait for a new phone. That’s why Optus has introduced the New Phone Trade Up offer, to give customers the chance to get the latest smartphones faster than ever before, while still getting the great value and inclusions of our My Plan Plus plans,” Optus said in a media release.

Optus My Plan Plus

Optus says its post-paid My Plan range gives customers a good level of certainty over the cost of their data by automatically giving them an extra 1GB for $10 if they use more than their monthly allowance. Each My Plan Plus plan also includes unlimited standard national calls to landlines and mobiles, and unlimited standard national SMS and generous data inclusions.

In addition to the new Trade Up offer, customers can also choose from two new data packed plan options with My Plan Plus. The $100 plan comes with 15GB of data to use in Australia every month, while the $120 option increases the allowance to 20GB. These plans also now come with data-free video streaming of Netflix and Presto – a first in Australia. Over two-years, these plans will cost a minimum of $2,400 and $2,800 respectively. Customers on the cheaper plans – ranging in price from $40 to $85 – can also benefit from the unmetered data feature, but will need to pay an extra $10 per month.

Tablet trade up

Optus has also announced a trade up offer for mobile broadband customers. Those who sign up to a $30 or above 24-month My Mobile Broadband Plus plan will be eligible to upgrade to a new tablet after 12 months. Like the new phone trade up deal, customers need to return their old tablet in good condition and pay a $99 fee. They also have the option of keeping their old tablet and leaving with a new one.

“With the new Trade Up offer available on both My Plan Plus and selected My Mobile Broadband Plus plans, this is a great time to be an Optus customer,” said Optus.

Things to be aware of

While this offer from Optus is great for customers who are keen to get their hands on the latest Samsung or iPhone when it comes out, it’s important not to get carried away. Upgrading to the latest handset or tablet means you will once again be locked into a two-year contact – starting from scratch. With so many service providers competing to offer the best value, it’s a good idea to consider your options before you go diving in for another 24 months.

There’s no doubt that the My Plan Plus suite of phone plans stacks up well against the other big telcos, especially with the new data-free streaming feature. But if you’re willing or able to purchase your new handset outright, you could find even better value with a SIM-only plan – from Optus or another provider. Check out these SIM-only deals with unlimited talk and text and upwards of 5GB of data.

The Optus SIM-only deal holds its own in this comparison but faces tough competition from the likes of Jeenee Mobile, Vaya, TeleChoice and Dodo. So it pays to shop around.

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