Optus vs Amaysim: Where to get the best deal?

In light of Telstra’s several blackouts in 2016, and despite their free data days, many Aussies could be looking to jump ship and go to main rivals Optus. Optus has comparable coverage, claiming that 98 per cent of the Australian population is covered by their network. So if you’re considering a switch, or just looking for the best value you can find, join us for a review of phone plans from Optus and the biggest mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that also uses its network, Amaysim.

Who has the best postpaid plans?

The first difference between Optus and Amaysim to point out is that, while Optus gives you the option of purchasing a new handset on its postpaid plans, Amaysim is purely a SIM-only service provider which doesn’t offer the latest and greatest smartphones as part of the deal. So, if getting your hands on the new iPhone 7 or Samsung mobile with a bundled plan is a deal breaker for you, this was a very short and sweet comparison.

However, being a SIM-only mobile carrier comes with its advantages for Amaysim, particularly because its suite of plans is very easy to understand and there are no lock-in contracts to be found. If you want a new phone on a postpaid plan with Optus, you’ll be locked into a two-year contract.

That said, Optus also offers a good range of month-to-month SIM-only postpaid plans, ranging in price from $35 to $60. Each of them comes with unlimited calls to standard Australian mobiles and landlines, plus unlimited SMS and MMS, meaning they are differentiated between by international minutes and data inclusions. Let’s have a look at them here:

Price Per Month

Plan Inclusions

$35 Unlimited calls and texts, 1.5GB data, unlimited text to selected international numbers
$50 Unlimited calls and texts, 6GB data, 300 minutes international calls to selected countries
$60 Unlimited calls and texts, 9GB data, 500 minutes international calls to selected countries

Source: Optus website

For even better value, you could sign up to one of these Optus plans on a 12 month contract. Basically, you’ll get the same inclusions but at reduced prices. The $35 plan becomes $30, the $50 deal is reduced to $50, and $60 offer is trimmed down to $50.

Meanwhile, Amaysim offers five basic postpaid plans, all on monthly terms. They range in price from $24.90 up to $49.90 per month. All of Amaysim’s plans offer:

  • Unlimited calls and texts in Australia
  • Unlimited standard texts to 32 selected countries
  • Unlimited standard national calls to 10 selected countries

Like the Optus plans, they are differentiated by varying amounts of data and other international inclusions. Let’s see what Amaysim offer here:

Price Per Month

 Plan Inclusions

$24.90 1.5GB data
$29.90 3GB data
$39.90 7GB data
$44.90 7GB data, 300 standard international call minutes
$49.90 9GB data, 300 standard international call minutes

Source: Amaysim website

Amaysim offers supreme value for money. However, keeps in mind that these plans come with a 28-day expiry. This makes its cheapest plan – $24.90 – cost a hair under $325 if you were to hang on to the plan for a year. But the beauty with no-contract postpaid mobile is that you can change providers whenever you spot the next greatest deal.

So, does Optus or Amaysim offer better month-to-month value? Well, the good news is that their plans are easy to understand and easy to compare, with similar unlimited talk and text inclusions pointing you directly at data for an answer.

Optus vs Amaysim: Postpaid plans compared

Let’s go through the SIM-only monthly offering of Optus and Amaysim to work out which offers the best overall value for your money.

Plans $40 and under compared

With only one plan under $40 per month, Optus is outnumbered, but how do they compare? For $24.90, the Amaysim plan offers the same data as the Optus $35 plan. So, for $10.10 less, Amaysim offers better value in the data department. For $5.10 less than Optus, Amaysim also offers to double the data at 3GB. For $4.90 more than the Optus plan, Amaysim offers a huge 5.5GB more data. Seeing as both companies offer similar international inclusions, we think it’s fair to say that at this price range, Amaysim is hard to beat. In fact, any carrier on the Optus network would struggle to beat the orange telco.

Plans over $40 compared

It’s a similar story again for plans over $40 per month. Though, Optus comes to play a little more here, offering two plans, which is the same as Amaysim. For $44.90, Amaysim’s 7GB included data beats out Optus, which for $50 includes 6GB. It’s the same deal with Optus’ most expensive plan – for $10.10 more than Amaysim, you’ll get the same amount of data. From a value standpoint, at this level we would suggest that Amaysim offers better value for money again.

Remember that Amaysim’s plans come with a 28-day expiry, compared to 30 days with Optus, so you’ll need to take this into account. On a daily basis, the two closest plans from each – the $49.90 Amaysim plan and the $50 Optus plan – will cost $1.78 and $1.67 respectively. With that said, Amaysim’s superior value proposition seems to make up for the shorter expiry period, at this price point and others.

Also keep in mind that Optus offers slightly cheaper prices on its SIM-only plans if you’re willing to commit to 12 months. Considering Amaysim’s shorter expiry periods, this offer makes it a much closer race. Even so, in the interest of flexibility, we think Amaysim is probably just ahead in the value stakes when it comes to post-paid plans.

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Who has the best prepaid plans?

Prepaid is awesome for those who like the flexibility to recharge whenever they want. So, if prepaid is more your thing, the good news is you have plenty of options to choose from. Optus brings five different recharge values priced at $10 right up to $60, with increasing amounts of talk, text and data as you go. All plans currently come with a 1GB data bonus, as well as free music streaming for a limited time. All but the $10 plan include data rollover up to 15GB, as well as unlimited calls and texts. These are great features that add the cherry on top for Optus. Get the rundown here:

Price Per Month

Data Included

$10 500MB
$30 3GB
$40 6GB
$50 8.5GB
$60 11GB

Source: Optus website

Optus seems to think its $30 recharge offers the best value, given it comes with a very reasonable 3GB of data and unlimited talk and text. However, 6GB of data at $40 also seems like a good deal, and you can get up to 11GB if you’re willing to recharge $60. Overall, Optus prepaid seems to offer a competitive package, especially since reviewing their post-paid plans.

Meanwhile Amaysim keeps it ultra-simple as its prepaid plans simply reflect the price and inclusions of its postpaid offerings. So, where can you find the best prepaid value? No messing around here.

Optus vs Amaysim: Prepaid plans compared

So, we know exactly what Amaysim can bring to the party. The question is: Can Optus provide superior comparable value from its prepaid plans?

Plans $40 and under compared

This time there is very little to choose from between Optus and Amaysim, but it seems the latter is marginally ahead once again. For example, you can get 3GB of data from Optus for $30, compared to Amaysim’s equivalent offer at $29.90. Though, for extremely light phone users, Optus’ $10 recharge could be a great fit. However, as you move up in price, the competition becomes a little tougher as Amaysim offers more data for the price – discounting the Optus data bonus – but Optus also brings unmetered music streaming. So, if you’re a Pandora or Spotify fiend, Optus may win out here.

Plans over $40 compared

It’s a similar story at the higher price points, where Amaysim often provides more data for a similar or cheaper price tan Optus. Even with the data bonus from Optus, Amaysim still wins out. Again, if you like unmetered music streaming, then Optus could still be for you. You’ll have to weigh up just how much streaming you do! It’s also worth noting that both Optus and Amaysim have 28-day expiry periods on their prepaid plans; no maths is required!

Optus or Amaysim: Who delivers the knockout punch?

The two heavyweights have been in a slugfest and they’re growing weary. With postpaid, it’s a knockout between data and price, with Amaysim coming out on top – but not so easily. Their 28-day billing period means that you’re effectively getting a 13th billing period each year. Between their closest plans, the costs increase per day for Amaysim’s $49.90 plan to $1.78, while the Optus $50 plan comes to $1.67. This is a difference of $40.15 for the year!

In the prepaid arena, the winner is a little more unfounded. It was a 12-round bloodbath. It’s a little more complicated in this category, with Optus offering bonuses and free music streaming to make them a contender against Amaysim’s data inclusions. In the prepaid world, we declare the fight a tie between Amaysim and Optus. Whichever provider you decide to go with, you can rest assured that you’re getting good value. Amaysim may sneak ahead of Optus in the value stakes, but the telco that likes to say “yes” is still very competitive in its pricing, bonuses and inclusions.

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