Optus vs Amaysim: Where to get the best deal?


Whether you’re about to finish a 24 month contract, or just looking for a bit of extra value, looking into a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) can yield some exciting results. One such service provider is Amaysim – in fact it’s one of the biggest and most popular ‘piggybacking’ phone carriers in Australia and operates on the Optus 4G Network. This then begs the question, who offers the best value? Amaysim or its phone network landlord?

So if you’re considering a switch, or just looking for the best value you can find, join us for our review of phone plans from Optus and the biggest little provider that uses its network, Amaysim.

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Who has the best postpaid plans?

The first difference between Optus and Amaysim to point out is that, while Optus gives you the option of purchasing a new handset on its postpaid plans, Amaysim is purely a SIM only service provider which doesn’t offer the latest and greatest smartphones as part of the deal. So if getting your hands on a new phone with a bundled plan is a deal breaker for you, this was a very short and sweet comparison.

However, being a SIM only mobile carrier comes with its advantages for Amaysim, particularly because its suite of plans is very easy to understand and there are no lock-in contracts to be found. If you want a new phone on a postpaid plan with Optus, you’ll need to lock-in to a two-year contract. However, we’re here to focus on SIM only deals.

Optus Postpaid Plans

Optus offers six SIM only postpaid plans – three on a 12 month contract, plus three more on no contract terms. These plans range in price from $30 to $60. Each of them comes with unlimited calls to standard Australian mobiles and landlines, plus unlimited SMS & MMS, meaning they are differentiated between by international minutes and data inclusions. Let’s have a look at them here:

Price Per Month Inclusions
$30 Unlimited international text to selected countries, 1.5GB data
$40 300 minutes to selected countries, 6GB data
$50 500 minutes to selected countries, 9GB data

Source: Optus

These prices above are for plans on a 12 month contract. As far as inclusions go, they are the same across the board, but:

  • The $30 plan costs $35 on no contract
  • The $50 plan costs $60 on no contract

Other than this, it’s important to keep your eye out for data bonuses and other perks that generally only happen to plans on a 12 month contract. It seems evident Optus is trying to get you to commit, and it is rewarding you for it.

Optus Prepaid Plans

There are four key plans in the Optus prepaid line-up, and they seem every bit as good as its postpaid plans, all on 28 or 30 day periods, so you’re free to leave whenever you like. The fun doesn’t stop there though – keep an eye out for perks such as data bonuses and things like free music streaming and such. Again, all plans come with unlimited calls and texts, and data rollover up to 15GB if you recharge before the expiry date.

Price Per Billing Period Inclusions
$10 (30 days) 500MB a day when you activate the $2 a day allowance
$30 (28 days) 3GB, unlimited talk and text
$40 (28 days) 6GB, unlimited international minutes to selected countries
$50 (28 days) 8.5GB, unlimited international minutes to selected countries

Source: Optus

One of the main benefits with prepaid is the credit stops when you run out, so you’re unlikely to incur any excess charges. With Optus, you’re not subject to any particularly harsh compromises by opting for prepaid instead. Interestingly, with the $10 plan, it’s the SIM that costs $10, and then you get any value, you have to trigger a $2 day where you are afforded unlimited calls and texts plus 500MB of daily data. The end result over 30 days could possibly be:

  • 15GB data
  • $60 total cost

This is surprisingly good value, and offers you the flexibility to really only pay for what you use – maybe one day you’re sick in bed and not talking to anyone, then the next day you’re organising a party and talking to all your friends. Further, with the two dearest plans, countries included in the list are popular ones such as China, New Zealand, the UK, Canada and the US, among some other European and Asian nations; this could be serious value if you’re an expat.

This is how the Optus prepaid line-up looks. Keep an eye out for ‘double data’ offers from time to time.

Amaysim Prepaid and Postpaid Plans

Like the Optus plans, Amaysim’s plans are differentiated by varying amounts of data and international inclusions. In total, Amaysim offers seven different plans, each available either on a postpaid or prepaid basis, which is rare to see. All of Amaysim’s unlimited plans (costing upwards of $24.90) come with unlimited standard talk and text, plus unlimited standard calls to 22 countries. See what makes them different in the table below.

Price Per Month Inclusions
$5 (PAYG) $5 starter credit to PAYG (pay as you go)
$19.90 (Flexi) 500MB data, $19.90 credit over 30-days
$24.90 1.5GB data
$29.90 3GB data
$39.90 7GB data
$44.90 7GB data, 300 standard international call minutes
$49.90 9GB data, 300 standard international call minutes

Source: Amaysim

Amaysim offers supreme value for money. However, keeps in mind that the latter five plans come with a 28 day expiry, as opposed to 30. This makes its cheapest plan – $24.90 – cost a hair under $325 if you were to hang on to the plan for a year. But the beauty with no-contract mobile is that you can change providers whenever you spot the next greatest deal.

As for the ‘dollar value’ plans, the cost breakdown is as follows:

  • PAYG plan: 12c/minute calls, 12c SMS, 49c MMS, 7.2c per megabyte of data, 365 day expiry, pay for what you use.
  • Flexi: 500MB data, $19.90 credit, 9c/minute calls, 9c SMS, 49c MMS, unlimited voicemail, 30 day expiry

Here is the full Amaysim line-up, showing plans in prepaid guise.

So, does Optus or Amaysim offer better month to month value? Well, the good news is their plans are easy to understand and easy to compare, with similar unlimited talk and text inclusions pointing you directly at data for an answer. How do they compare exactly?

How do Optus and Amaysim compare?

Both providers are pretty competitive in the broader telco sphere, but as far as barebones inclusions go, Amaysim tends to offer the superior value. However, Optus regularly offers data bonuses when you sign up to a lot of plans, and also boasts some entertainment perks that could entice you over, such as music streaming and EPL soccer coverage.

Plans $30 and under compared

This budget end of the market is dominated by Amaysim, as it offers you the choice of either prepaid or postpaid using exactly the same plans. Optus also tends to rely on periodical bonuses and entertainment perks to boost up its value.

Plans $40 and under compared

Amaysim really only has one horse in this race, but Optus litters this segment of the market. However, more isn’t always better, as Amaysim offers solid value with a hefty 7GB that doesn’t rely on any bonus data to boost up its value. That said, you may well find Optus’ international inclusions, data rollover and entertainment perks to be nice little additions.

Plans over $40 compared

This segment is especially indicative of Amaysim’s value proposition as it often offers the same amount of data for less than Optus. However, you’ll still have to contend with 28 day recharges, and the extra perks that Optus provides could make up for the lack of data.

Optus or Amaysim: Who delivers the knockout punch?

The two heavyweights of the Optus network have been in a slugfest and they’re growing weary. With postpaid, it’s a knockout between data and price, with Amaysim coming out on top – but not so easily. The 28 day billing period means that you’re effectively getting a 13th billing period each year. Between their closest plans, the costs increase per day for Amaysim’s $49.90 plan to $1.78, and Optus’ $50 plan comes to $1.67. This is a difference of $40.15 for the year!

In the prepaid arena, the winner is a little more unfounded. It was a 12-round bloodbath. It’s a little more complicated in this category, with Optus offering bonuses and free music streaming to make them a contender against Amaysim’s data inclusions. In the prepaid world, we declare the fight a tie between Amaysim and Optus.

Whichever provider you decide to go with, you can rest assured you’re getting market-leading mobile phone value. Amaysim may sneak ahead of Optus in the straight up value stakes, but the green telco that likes to say “yes” is still very competitive in its pricing, bonuses and inclusions.

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