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Jeenee Mobile is a unique Australian telco, as both a mobile service provider – and a social enterprise. It was founded as a non-profit business by disability services organisation Community Connections Australia, as a way to help disabled people better connect with their friends, family and support networks. In late 2015, its management converted Jeenee Mobile from a non-profit into a for-profit social enterprise to better facilitate its main objectives – providing great mobile service to Aussie customers, free service to disabled citizens and the development of better communications solutions. Now that you know what Jeenee Mobile is about, take a look at their plans and see how they stack up in this review from Canstar Blue.

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How does Jeenee Mobile work?

Jeenee Mobile offers both mobile phone and mobile broadband plans. They are all on a SIM-only, no contract basis, and hosted on the Optus 4G network, which ensures you’ll never be short of coverage. Jeenee Mobile also offers some unique perks – data is billed on a per-kilobyte (KB) basis to give you better value for money and its Australian helpline lets you speak to a real person, in a similar timezone, giving you peace of mind.

Most importantly of all, a percentage of Jeenee Mobile’s profits goes towards the provision of mobile phone services to disabled Australians through its ‘Make A Difference’ program – something which provides a degree of independence, safety and social confidence that many people wouldn’t experience otherwise.

Now you know the background, let’s take a look at Jeenee Mobile’s phone plans and assess how they compare to deals from other service providers on inclusions and value.

What phone plans does Jeenee Mobile offer?

Jeenee Mobile has three categories of phone plans – Essentials Pennywise, Unlimited Pennywise, and Mammoth Unlimited. Overall there are nine plans to choose from, which we’ll break down for you here:

Plan Category and Price Per Month


Essentials Pennywise Plans
$15 1000 texts, 200 call minutes, 250MB data
$18 Unlimited texts, 200 call minutes, 1.8GB of data
Unlimited Pennywise Plans
$25 Unlimited calls and texts, 2.5GB data
$30 Unlimited calls and texts, 4GB data, $50 international calls
$35 Unlimited calls and texts, 6GB data, $300 international calls
$45 Unlimited calls and texts, 10GB data, $300 international calls
$60 Unlimited calls and texts, 15GB data, $500 international calls
Mammoth Unlimited Plans
$45 Unlimited calls and texts, 20GB data
$50 Unlimited calls and texts, 30GB data

(Source: Jeenee Mobile)

Essentials Pennywise Plans

$15 Plan

This plan is for the person who requires a good amount of texts, but not much data or calls. This doesn’t fall under the ‘Essentials’ umbrella for nothing, as $15 gets you 1000 texts, 200 minutes of calls and 250MB of data. It’s a great ‘no fat’ plan.

$18 Plan

The next step up gives you significantly more value packed in for $3 extra a month. In this plan you get unlimited texts, 200 minutes of calls and 1.8GB of data. Plus, for a limited time, you can choose between an extra 200MB of data or 200 call minutes. As another bonus, when you bundle this plan with an existing Unlimited Pennywise plan, you’ll get $6 off – reducing the price per month to $12. This is a good mid-range plan with some decent bonuses to tide you over.

Unlimited Pennywise Plans

These plans all include free setup, saving you $10. This adds to the value packed in to these promising plans:

$25 Plan

As the value stakes increase, Jeenee moves into the mid-end of the market with style, as $25 a month gets you unlimited national calls and texts, as well as 2.5GB of data. Another bonus is that for a limited time, you’ll incur no setup fee – this saves you $10.

$30 Plan

As we move deeply into the mid-range pricing category, Jeenee has upped its game again with the $30 plan. For this price, you receive unlimited calls and texts, as well as 4GB of data. Also included is $50 of international calls, for a quick check in with your exotic Italian boyfriend who you met on exchange. Jeenee have packed a lot in, and a particular standout is the 4GB of data, which is sure to see you through some rainy days.

$35 Plan

Dipping our toes into the mid-high range of mobile plans, Jeenee has sent a warning out to competition – don’t mess with us. For $35, you get unlimited calls and texts, $300 of international calls, along with a substantial 8GB of data.  Of course, 2GB of this is limited-time bonus data, but this is a serious value plan sure to put Jeenee on the map.

$45 Plan

A trip to the high-end of mobile plan town will reveal that Jeenee is a standout – the posh house on the hill. For $45, you’ll get unlimited calls and texts, as well as 10GB of data and $300 of international calls. This plan is for those socialites who are always on the move, and who need to depend on their mobile phone.

$60 Plan

Entrenched in the high-end plan market, Jeenee’s $60 offering packs a lot in. You get unlimited calls and texts, $500 of international calls, and a hefty 15GB of data. There are no gimmicks here, and no misleading bonus offers – this plan is here to stay and raises the value stakes to sky high levels.

Mammoth Unlimited Plans

Released recently, Jeenee’s Mammoth Unlimited Plans offer value in spades with unprecedented levels of data for the money. They operate on the Optus 3G Network, as opposed to the other plans which get the 4G treatment.

$45 Mammoth

Out of the two Mammoth plans, this one is the ‘worst value’, if such a term can even be applied here. For $45 a month, you get unlimited talk and text as well as a whopping 20GB of data! Depending on if you’re a stickler for 4G data or not, this plan could be better value for you than Jeenee’s $45 Unlimited Pennywise plan mentioned previously.

$50 Mammoth

Out of the two Mammoth brothers, this one is the largest and the most boisterous. For $50, it’s identical to its brother but for $5 more you get an extra 10GB of data. Imagine the potential for watching movies on a commute! Or think of the gaming and sports streaming potential. Either way you look at it, 30GB is a lot for $50 a month.

How does Jeenee Mobile compare to other providers?

You like the look of one or several of Jeenee Mobile’s plans, but you’re wondering how they compare to other telcos out there? Well, the good news is that they are very competitive across the board. Let’s see how they compare in a saturated postpaid mobile market here:

Essentials Pennywise

$15 Plan compared

At this price range, it’s a bit like getting a $5 feed from a takeaway shop – you get a little bit of everything, but unless you’re a light eater then you won’t be full. This plan competes well with Think Mobile, Vaya and SpinTel on value. At this price point, the $10 setup fee looks substantial and if you’re on a tight budget then it could pay to go with a provider without the pesky fee.

$18 Plan compared

Again, moving up a bracket, Jeenee holds its own against other low-cost carriers such as Vaya, Bendigo Bank Mobile and Dodo Mobile. Though, at this price range data starts to come into play a little more. Jeenee’s combination of unlimited texts, 200 minutes of calls and 1.8GB of data means the carrier with a conscience is a leader here.

Unlimited Pennywise Plans

$25 Plan compared

Again, as we move into the mid-range of mobile plans, Jeenee sits well amongst the competition. At this tier, it’s pretty ‘tit for tat’ and Jeenee competes with the likes of Vaya, SpinTel and TeleChoice. The latter of which includes a 500MB data bonus. It’s also worth noting that Jeenee doesn’t have a $10 setup fee here.

$30 Plan compared

Jumping up $5 to the $30 range gives a much more stacked market, with many more providers coming into the game. Overall, in this price range, Jeenee offers the most data against the likes of Dodo, Amaysim and Exetel.

$35 Plan compared

Shifting firmly into the mid-range plan, a swathe of competition for Jeenee is revealed. Again, Jeenee stacks up well as they are the lowest price in the competition of Dodo, Amaysim and Bendigo Bank Mobile. While 2GB of Jeenee’s 8GB of data is a bonus offer, even with 6GB it remains a class leader.

$45 Plan compared

As an entry into the high-end plans, Jeenee’s $45 offering packs a punch. It outclasses the likes of Virgin Mobile, Dodo and Bendigo Bank to retain the title for the best value 10GB plan. At nearly $5-$15 less than its top rivals, Jeenee has crammed a lot in for $45.

$60 Plan compared

Jeenee’s most expensive Unlimited Pennywise plan again offers great bang for buck. In this price range, Jeenee is competing against the likes of Virgin, Vodafone and Amaysim, and Jeenee comes up trumps in the data department. It’s also worth noting that Jeenee is still on a month-to-month plan, while many at this bracket are now encouraging you to hop on a contract.

Mammoth Unlimited Plans

A new offering from Jeenee reveals that the telco is serious about including the maximum amount of value and data into their plans. They’re called Mammoth for good reason. At this point in the data game, Jeenee is competing all of the big four telcos in Australia – Virgin, Vodafone, Optus and Telstra. Jeenee’s Mammoth $50 plan is certainly class-leading with 30GB of data, which is supreme value for money against competitors who are double the price. It’s worth noting though that Jeenee Mammoth Plans are on the 3G network, while the Big Four are on the 4G network. If you want 4G with this much data, then you’ll likely have no choice but to pay over $100 a month.

Is Jeenee Mobile right for me?

Jeenee Mobile has quickly climbed the top of the mobile plan value pile. In a sea full of competition, the low-cost carrier with a conscience has crammed more into their plans than a lot of other carriers. Altogether, their plans cover a broad spectrum of the market at very competitive, class leading prices. Jeenee’s best value is seen in their mid and high-end plans, which frequently beat the competition on price and included data. Jeenee is a great choice, and if you like telcos that give back to the community, then Jeenee could be for you.

As for Jeenee’s Mammoth plans, they simply offer an unprecedented amount of data for the price. They stand up to the likes of the Big Four telcos in Australia for value included, but for half the price. This is sure to excite a lot of consumers who rely heavily on mobile data. Though, there’s one caveat – at this level, many telcos are on the 4G network, whereas Jeenee offers these plans with only the 3G Optus network. If you’re picky about getting the best speeds, then Jeenee’s Mammoth Plans may not offer the ‘go’ you desire.

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