Review of Vodafone mobile phone plans

As one of the biggest telco companies in the world, Vodafone has a product range as diverse as it is comprehensive. And a recent overhaul of just about every plan it offers in Australia is indicative of its desire to modernise and keep growing in an increasingly competitive market. So how does Vodafone compare to its telco rivals? Here, we review Vodafone’s plan range and cast some thoughts on where you’ll find the best deals.

Post-paid plans from Vodafone

Vodafone’s post-paid plans start with its SIM-only selection, with plans available on month-to-month, 12-month and 24-month contracts. Every single Vodafone plan includes infinite standard national calls and standard texts – the majority of plan differences come from data and international call inclusions.

All plans also come with Vodafone’s acclaimed $5 Roaming feature, whereby you can pay $5 a day when overseas to use your plan just as you would in Australia. No more shock bills when you get home from holiday! Vodafone has waived the roaming fee completely in New Zealand, making travel to one of our favourite destinations even better. The telco also now offers a roaming feature for prepaid customers, too.

Vodafone’s plans which come with international calls include two different allowances: 1000 minutes to ‘Super 1000’ countries (12 countries including the US, UK and NZ) and a varying amount of minutes to ‘selected countries’, which includes most of Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Vodafone has also packed their plans full of bonuses. On selected plans you can earn lots of Qantas Frequent Flyer points, whilst on others you can get a six-month subscription to Spotify, Sydney Morning Herald or Stan, data-free. What’s more, sharing your plan with a friend will net you 500MB extra data per month. Check out their offerings below:

Monthly plans from Vodafone

Here’s how Vodafone’s monthly plans shape up:

Plan type Cost per month Calls and texts Data International minutes
Red plan $35 Unlimited 1.5GB
Red Data $50 8GB
Red Global $50 6GB 300/1000
Red Data $60 11GB
Red Global $60 9GB 300/1000


12 month plans from Vodafone

Here’s how Vodafone’s 12 month plans look:

Plan type Cost per month Calls and texts Data International minutes
Red plan $35 Unlimited 1.5GB
Red Data $40 8GB
Red Global $40 6GB 300
Red Data $50 11GB
Red Global $50 9GB 300/1000
Red Data $60 13GB
Red Global $60 11GB 300/1000


24 month plans from Vodafone

And here’s how Vodafone’s 14 month plans go down, with all those additional extras included:

Plan type Cost per month Calls and texts Data International minutes Extras
Red plan $22 Unlimited 1GB
Red plan $39 4GB 150
Red Data $48 8GB 300
Red Global $48 6GB 300/1000 8,000 QFF points
Red Play $48 6GB Stan/Spotify/SMH subscription (6 months)
Red Data $58 16GB
Red Global $58 13GB 300/1000 10,000 QFF points
Red Play $58 13GB Stan/Spotify/SMH subscription (12 months)
Red Data $73 22GB
Red Global $73 18GB 300/1000 15,000 QFF points
Red Play $73 18GB Stan/Spotify/SMH subscription (12 months)

Prepaid plans from Vodafone

As for Vodafone’s prepaid products, there are two versions to choose from: Starter Packs and Recharges. You can buy yourself a $1 Vodafone SIM card online, or in many newsagents and electronics stores nationwide, before recharging with one of several prepaid packs which line up as follows:

  • Starter Packs consist of $30, $40 and $50 options, each of which comes with unlimited calls and texts, and varying amounts of data over 28 days.
  • Recharge options add a $10 combo with 7 days expiry and a $20 combo with 10 days expiry, as well as a big $60 recharge at the top end which includes infinite international calls to 10 selected countries.
  • If the Combo packs aren’t really your thing, you can always go for a Pay As You Go credit recharge. Recharging $10, $20, $30 or $50 gets you that exact dollar amount to use on PAYG calls, texts and data within 30 days. If you recharge before the expiry date, you can roll over your credit to the next month up to a maximum of $1,000. With dirt-cheap rates including 15¢ texts and 10¢ per minute calls, paying as you go is no longer an expensive option long-term when Vodafone’s around.
  • Finally, there are 365 Day packs for those who really want their value to last. You can recharge with packs ranging from $20 up to $100, giving you the same dollar amount in flexible credit and a big inclusion of standard voice calls – all of which lasts for an entire year.

Vodafone’s plan overhaul has been no empty marketing spiel. Its plans are packed full of value whichever way you turn. Whether it’s a phone plan, flexible monthly SIM plan, or just some quick prepaid credit you’re after, Vodafone has you covered.

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