Telstra, Optus, Vodafone: Who offers the best value?

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With the market for mobile phone plans becoming more crowded than ever, Australia’s biggest service providers have been forced to step up their game when it comes to the value and variety of their plans. The biggest of them all, Telstra, Optus and Vodafone, have all instigated major shake-ups of their SIM only plans in recent months, so we’ve decided to compare the best they have to offer and let you decide which one offers the best value.


Telstra’s plan structure consists of Small (S), Medium (M) and Large (L) plans. Each plan lets you share your data across other Telstra plans on a single household account, and all of them also come with unlimited SMS and MMS credit. The plans come with 500MB, 2.5GB and 7GB of basic mobile data respectively, to which you can add a data pack for $10 per GB if you feel like you need some extra credit.

The price of each plan and the talk and text inclusions vary depending on the plan timeframe, with all three available on a 12 month contract or on a month to month basis. The larger two plans also come with a significant amount of bonus data.

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Optus offers five different SIM plans, priced at $30, $40, $50, $60 and $70. Its plans all come on a month to month contract, which allows you to move up or down plans or cancel whenever you like. You can also pool your data with any other Optus plans on your account – perfect for your spouse or kids.

All of the SIM plans include unlimited talk and text to standard Australian numbers, with the main differential being data inclusions and the amount of included international call minutes. The top two plans also come with a deal giving you 50% off your plan fee for the first six months – in other words, half price for unlimited credit and a huge amount of data.

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Vodafone offers the widest range of plans out of the big three providers, offering five different month to month plans, six plans on 12 month contracts and another five options over a 24 month term – the longer the contract you choose, the better value the plans become.

All of Vodafone’s plans include infinite standard national calls and infinite texts, with the larger plans also offering unlimited international calls to selected countries. Vodafone also offers several other tempting features. These include the ability to get 500MB of bonus data when you take out another plan on your account, and a two month ‘Data Workout’ period whereby the first two months of your plan come with unlimited data.

All of Vodafone’s plans currently come with a significant amount of bonus data. On the larger plans, this can be as much as double the standard data inclusion. Selected 12 and 24 month plans also come with half-price fees for the first month.

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