Telstra’s best value phone plans

Telstra is well-known and trusted as Australia’s biggest and most widespread mobile service provider, with network coverage and speeds that are second to none. Despite a reputation for having plans which are less than stellar value, Telstra’s most recent plan upgrades are well and truly competitive, offering huge call, text and data inclusions at affordable prices. We’ve rounded up the best value plans the telco giant currently offers for you to decide for yourself.

Since we last looked at Telstra’s mobile plans, its line-up has once again improved. All of Telstra’s plans come with a number of tempting bonuses, including digital passes for either the AFL or the NRL, discounted tickets to both football codes, a 200GB cloud storage subscription, and access to the massive Telstra Air Wi-Fi network. You only realise how good this free network is when you need it!

What does Telstra offer?

Telstra still offers plans in three different categories – BYO phone (i.e. SIM-only plans) on month to month or 12-month contracts, and handset plans on 24-month contracts. The former category is where Telstra faces the most competition from other providers, but its offerings certainly don’t disappoint.

In the month to month stakes, Telstra offers Small, Medium and Large plans ranging from $35 to $70 per month. The pick of these is the Medium plan, with $1,000 worth of calls and texts, 5GB of data and 10GB of data on the Telstra Air Wi-Fi network – all for $50 per month.

What’s the best value?

If you’re after an even better value proposition, you’d do well to go for a 12 month SIM plan. The Small and Medium options are identical, but the Large plan receives a discount to $60 per month. Opting for a year-long contract sees a fourth option introduced, the Mx plan – our pick of the bunch. This upgraded Medium plan has the same inclusions as its counterpart, but nets a $10 discount to $40 per month when you buy online.

When it comes to Telstra’s flagship handset plans, it has again shoved in several bonuses with its more expensive offerings. The plans come in Small, Medium, Large and XLarge options, ranging from $55 to $135 per month. Whilst the massive XL plan’s data boost from 10GB to 15GB offers a huge amount of credit for the money, our top value pick is the Large plan. It includes unlimited talk and text, a whopping 10GB of data and your choice of any top smartphone, starting from $95 per month. Just remember that these plans are only available on 24 month contracts, so have a good think before diving in.

Telstra customers may have endured a couple of network issues in recent times, but when Telstra is firing the telco giant really is hard to beat when it comes to network reliability and coverage. And as we’ve shown, you’ll find some great value plans, too.

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