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As anybody with a smartphone knows, mobile data is hugely important – for many it’s the key feature of their phone plan. With our increased demand for data has come a reduced reliance on SMS and good old phone calls – both of which are cheaper services for the telcos to provide. As a result, more and more providers have begun to offer something that would have been just a pipe dream a few years ago – unlimited phone plans.

What are unlimited phone plans?

An ‘unlimited’ phone plan includes infinite standard call time and infinite texts. It means plans are now differentiated by what really matters to most of us these days – data, media streaming and other bonus inclusions. Unlimited phone plans are the way of the future, but which service providers are offering the best unlimited value? We’ve checked out some of the best unlimited plans on the market to satisfy all of your mobile needs. Keep in mind that no provider yet offers unlimited mobile data, so the amount on offer acts as the main point of difference when comparing plans.

Telstra unlimited plans

The operator of Australia’s largest mobile network offers a wide range of plans, but surprisingly few come with unlimited credit. Telstra’s most notable unlimited plan is its Large SIM plan, which currently comes with 10GB of data for $70 per month, on no-contract terms. This reduces to $60 if you subscribe on a 12 month contract.

If you fancy a new mobile phone included with your unlimited calls and texts, you can take out the Large or X Large plans – the former comes with 6GB starting at $95 per month, whilst the top plan brings 15GB from $135 each month. Finally, if you’re a captain of industry or a Bond villain, Telstra offers a $195 per month Premium Mobile plan with unlimited credit, 25GB of data, premium support access and a new phone for free every year.

If you’re looking for more control over your spending, Telstra also offers several prepaid options with unlimited credit. Whilst these don’t have the data inclusions of a contract plan, they’re perfect for light users or as a backup SIM card.

Key takeouts

  • Unlimited credit on Telstra’s SIM-only plans and post-paid plans with a new handset
  • Up to 15GB of data on the biggest offer
  • Better value over a longer contract term

Optus unlimited plans

Optus offers five different SIM plans, all of which come with unlimited calls and texts – so you can’t really go wrong. If you’re willing to sign up to a 12 month contract, the provider offers up to 10GB of data on its $60 per month plan, which also includes 300 international minutes.

If you’re after more flexibility, Optus’ month-to-month plans start at $30 per month for 1GB of data, with each successive plan increasing in cost and data allowance. The most expensive offer gives you 9GB for $60 per month, as well as 500 international minutes.

All of the telco’s plans now come with a free subscription to its exclusive coverage of English Premier League football, meaning you can stream games 24/7 for no extra cost – and without it counting towards your data allowance.

Key takeouts

  • Great value on a 12 month contract, but more options and flexibility month-to-month
  • Big international call inclusions
  • Free option of a Premier League football subscription

Vodafone unlimited plans

In a similar case to Optus, every one of Vodafone’s many plans comes with infinite standard national calls and infinite texts, not to mention the ability to use your phone as normal overseas for just $5 a day. Furthermore, all Vodafone’s plans come with its ‘Data Workout’ period, in which your data is unlimited for the first month so you can work out how much you tend to use.

You can choose a Red plan either on a 24 month contract with a handset, or as a SIM-only plan available for 24 months, 12 months or month-to-month. Handset plans range from $40 per month for 500MB to $130 per month for 16GB of data, whilst the best value 24 month SIM plans range from $25 per month for 500MB up to $85 per month for 16GB of mobile data.

If a long contract isn’t your cup of tea, you can opt for one of Vodafone’s prepaid offerings. Whilst there are several types to choose from, it’s the Combo packs you really want to look out for – whether you buy a starter pack or a recharge, all Combo recharges come with unlimited talk and text. Prices range from $10 for 500MB up to $60 for 8GB, all with 28-day expiry.

Key takeouts

  • Unlimited data for the first month
  • $5 Data Roaming feature
  • Better value over a longer contract

Amaysim unlimited plans

Another provider which now offers all of its plans with unlimited standard talk and text is Amaysim. The orange telco offers five unlimited plans, with prices starting at $24.90 per month for 1.5GB of mobile data, whilst the top two plans bring 7GB for $44.90 per month and 9GB for $49.90 per month. These latter two also include 300 international call minutes, a feature which is lacking from the cheaper options.

Keep in mind that these Amaysim plans have 28 days expiry, rather than the 30 days you may have become accustomed to.

Key takeouts

  • All Amaysim plans come with unlimited talk and text
  • Best value is the Unlimited 9GB plan for $49.90 per month

Virgin Mobile unlimited plans

Virgin Mobile’s SIM-only plans all boast unlimited calls and texts, and the same also goes for its mobile handset plans. The unlimited plans are available as either 24 month deals or month-to-month offerings. The five options start with a $30 plan with 1.5GB of data and end with an $80 plan which includes a massive 15GB of data. All of Virgin’s plans also let you roll over your unused data to the following month – a big plus if you find your usage varies a lot.

All of the above plans currently include 1GB of quota-free music streaming from free music service Guvera.

Key takeouts

  • Large number of options to choose from
  • Good data and credit rollover features
  • Quota-free music streaming from Guvera

Vaya unlimited plans

Each of Vaya’s five SIM-only mobile plans is available on a month-to-month basis, with free SIM delivery currently on offer. The plan range starts with the Power Plan for just $18 per month, a plan that comes with unlimited SMS, $650 of call credit and 1.5GB of data. The remaining four plans are all unlimited, ranging from the Unlimited S at $16 per month to the Unlimited XL at $36 per month, with the option of adding an extra 1GB of data for $10 if you exceed your limit. Vaya also offers a price beat guarantee, which promises to offer a cheaper rate on any comparable 4G plan with the same inclusions.

Keep an eye out for bonus offers from Vaya, which include up to $3 off per month for the first three months on some plans.

Key takeouts

  • Month-to-month plans only
  • Low cost plans with strong inclusions
  • Low-cost data add-ons if you exceed your limit

You can find out more about these service providers and how they are rated by Aussies with our customer reviews.

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