Vodafone’s best value phone plans

As one of the biggest mobile phone carriers in Australia, and indeed the world, Vodafone’s product range exerts a major influence on the local market. Vodafone has recently given its mobile plans a major overhaul, with the aim of simplifying and clarifying costs and inclusions for the benefit of customers. The result is some of the best value phone plans in the country. But which are the best of the best? Read on to find out.

What does Vodafone offer?

Vodafone divides its offerings into SIM-only plans and ‘Red’ plans which include a mobile phone. First up are Vodafone’s Red plans. Every one of the telco’s mobile phone plans includes unlimited standard national calls and unlimited texts, as well as Vodafone’s $5 roaming feature, which lets you use your phone overseas as you normally would for just $5 per day. All Red plans also come with Vodafone’s Data Workout, which gives you unlimited data for the first month so that you can determine how much you use. All in all, it’s a pretty good value deal.

Which phone plans offer the best value?

Whilst the $40 and $60 plans offer 500MB and 3GB of data respectively, it’s with the more expensive plans that things really get interesting. Vodafone’s top three Red plans all currently include a large amount of bonus data: the $70 plan now has a total of 7GB, the $80 plan gets a boost from 6GB up to 8GB, the $100 plan goes from 10GB to 11GB, and the huge $130 plan now gets 16GB.

Each of these latter three plans includes infinite international calls to 10 countries, and the added bonus of a year’s free subscription to one of Spotify Premium, Stan, or the Sydney Morning Herald – not a bad way to use all your newfound data.

Based on the sheer amount of credit and bonus goodies, our value pick of the bunch is the top of the range $130 plan. But if you’re after affordable excellence, you’re better off going for the $80 plan which isn’t far behind.

Vodafone’s best SIM plans?

Secondly, we have Vodafone’s SIM-only plans, which come with the same infinite talk and text as their big brothers. These are available on month to month, 12 or 24 month contracts, with the longer two contract options boasting lower prices and greater data inclusions for each plan option.

Furthermore, the two contract options net you half-price fees for your first month, which can be a significant saving for the bigger plans. Vodafone’s SIM plans also come with all the goodies mentioned above, including $5 Roaming, international minutes and your choice of subscription service for free.

The best value is to be found on the 24 month contract option. All plans now come with bonus data, with the cheapest offering being $25 for 500MB of data, and the most expensive being $85 for a whopping 16GB of mobile data. This top-of-the-range plan is possibly the best value one in the Vodafone stable, but you’d do almost as well buying the significantly cheaper $60 or $45 plans, which include 11GB and 8GB of mobile data respectively.

Considering their more affordable pricing, plus all the bonus subscriptions and discounts Vodafone has thrown in, it seems the mid-range contract plans just about take the cake in terms of overall value. If you have preconceived ideas about Vodafone being your granny’s phone provider, you should think again.

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