Cheap prepaid phone plans going for $1 per day


Prepaid savings to be madeEveryone loves a bargain, and you can snag some great ones from brands offering ‘cheap as chips’ prepaid phone plans. The going rate for Coles’ latest prepaid offering? $1 a day.

Coles is partnering with Optus to bring this 4G-enabled plan to budget-conscious Aussies. So, what does this low cost plan include?

  • Unlimited talk (national)
  • Unlimited text (national)
  • 400MB of data

That’s roughly 9 hours of streaming music over 4G!

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Plus, you can text and talk as much as you want. Another key selling point is the lack of contracts you need to entangle yourself in.

“Our customers told us they’re looking for prepaid options to assist in managing tight budgets and they enjoy the simplicity and freedom of no commitments or contracts,” says Karin Zimmerman, Coles General Manager Non-Food.

“(It’s) another way we can help our customers control their costs week to week.”

This plan is for 10 days of usage, and supposedly requires a credit top up at the conclusion of the cycle. It’s worth noting you will need to acquire your own handset on this type of plan.

If you’d prefer a longer period of time to use your data, Coles are also introducing a $10 pay as you go option with a 60 day expiry period. It costs,

  • 12 cents per minutes for calls (national)
  • 12 cents per text message and MMS (national, 160 character limit)
  • 12 cents per megabyte (MB) of data usage (4G)

Finding a cheap phone plan (that’s also good value!)

Interestingly, our survey results found that prepaid users spend roughly $29.95 per month, which means people are already utilising (relatively) cheap plans, although it remains to be seen if this low price equates to good value.

Let’s break down some of the costs. This writer made 36 calls last month. If they all went for roughly 5 minutes (3 hours of calls), that would’ve cost me a paltry $21.60 on the above prepaid plan. I sent roughly 50 text messages ($6), and used 600 MB of data ($72). It seems to be a great plan for any chatty Aussies, but not so much for anyone who uses lots of data.

If your usage is similar to mine, we looked at phone plans that offer similar usage allowances to the above one. One option on costs $18, includes 200 minutes talk time, 200 messages, and 500MB data. It’s not the only one either: there are other plans costing $20 (or thereabouts) offering more data and more call time. Go ahead and compare these plans.

The key takeout? Shop around – there are plenty of cheap options for you out there!

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