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Kogan is well-known as a discount online electronics retailer which sells imported goods at often incredibly low prices. In fact, its successful business model has seen the Australian company grow into something more akin to a gigantic department store, with items as diverse as bedding, clothing and cookware in addition to its traditional range of consumer technology products. And its latest venture is Kogan Mobile – a prepaid mobile service provider offering great long-term value.

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How does Kogan Mobile work?

Kogan Mobile offers SIM only prepaid mobile plans in four different flavours depending on how much data you crave – Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Each bucket of plans (S, M, L or XL), includes three different plan expiry options of either 30, 90 or 365 days.

As you have probably guessed, Kogan Mobile organises its plans differently to most other service providers, but in the first instance it’s all about choosing how much data you want, before going on to select an expiry period. The whole idea is to provide strong long-term value, without the hassle of topping up every month – although you can still do this if you wish. The longer the expiry period, the better value you’ll get from Kogan Mobile.

The good news is that every single Kogan Mobile plan comes with unlimited talk and text (SMS and MMS), so choosing a plan to suit your needs is nice and easy. And as Kogan Mobile is hosted on the Vodafone 4G network, you can rest assured your coverage is in safe hands.

What does Kogan Mobile offer?

Kogan Mobile gets off to a good start with prospective customers when you discover that a SIM card won’t cost you a thing – even delivery is free in most areas. But before you order one, decide if a Kogan plan is right for you by first choosing between 1GB, 3GB, 8GB or 12GB of data to go with your unlimited calls and texts. It’s then a decision of recharging every 30, 90 or 365 days. If you pick the 90 or 365 day option, don’t go thinking you need to make your selected data last for that long – it’s rebooted every 30 days.

So, let’s go over each Kogan Mobile plan and determine which provide the best short and long-term value.

Kogan ‘Small’ plans

As the name suggests, Kogan’s Small prepaid plans all come with just 1GB of data to use every 30 days, plus the aforementioned unlimited talk and text.

  • Over 30 days you pay $16.90
  • Over 90 days you pay $46.90
  • Over 365 days you pay $179.90

So, the longer the period you want to commit to, the more you will save in the long-run. If you decided to go with the 30 day plan but recharged 12 times during the year, it would cost you about $20 more than if you had agreed to the 365 day offer in the first place. You are effectively rewarded for your loyalty. The year-long plan would work out at $14.79 for every 30 days.

Kogan ‘Medium’ plans

Kogan’s Medium plans all come with 3GB of data and once again you can choose between 30, 90 and 365 day periods, priced as follows:

  • Over 30 days you pay $29.90
  • Over 90 days you pay $79.90
  • Over 365 days you pay $299.90

You can see the prices starting to pick up now, reflecting the extra data inclusion. Remember, you get 3GB for every 30 days – not 3GB to somehow last you a whole year! The year-long option would work out at $24.65 every 30 days.

Kogan ‘Large’ plans

By the time you reach Kogan’s Large plans, you’re starting to talk about big bucks, with 8GB of data on the table.

  • Over 30 days you pay $36.90
  • Over 90 days you pay $99.90
  • Over 365 days you pay $369.90

Keep an eye on these Large plans because Kogan has a habit of including extra data bonuses, such as increasing the allowance up to 10GB per 30 day period. As they stand, the year-long option works out at $30.41 every 30 days.

Kogan ‘Extra Large’ plans

For the serious data-users out there, Kogan’s Extra Large plans offer pretty impressive value, with 12GB included every 30 days.

  • Over 30 days you pay $49.90
  • Over 90 days you pay $129.90
  • Over 365 days you pay $499.90

Remember, the longer the term you agree to, the more you stand to save in the long-run. When it comes to Kogan’s Extra Large plans, you stand to save about $100 by going with the 365 day plan upfront, as opposed to the 30 day offer recharged 12 times. You can also expect to find promotional data deals at this price point too, usually up to 12GB per 30 days.

How does Kogan compare to other providers?

Kogan’s plans focus on the budget end of the mobile market. With prepaid deals starting at under $20, the retailer is firmly focused on the basics, but with long-term value in mind. You really can’t fault the options it gives you.

The main prepaid competitors to Kogan’s 1GB Small plan include Coles, ALDI, Vodafone and Amaysim, but watch the recharge periods closely because it can get confusing. Overall Kogan stacks up fairly well at the cheap end of its plan range.

As for Kogan’s 3GB Medium plan, the likes of Lebara, Yomojo, Woolworths and TPG come out to play with strong value. Again though, Kogan holds its own. And it’s a similar story with the 8GB Large plan, with the same names providing the opposition.

Finally, Kogan’s 12GB Extra Large plan rates favourably against the likes of TPG, Yomojo, Lebara and Optus for customers in the market for double-digit data.

Is Kogan Mobile a good idea?

You’ve got to hand it to Kogan – its mobile service is certainly different to most other providers, with the value proposition increasing as you include more data and on longer expiry periods. The question is whether or not you want to commit to a year-long prepaid recharge to get the best value. Even if you want to, can you really bring yourself to pay between $179.90 (S) and $499.90 (XL) upfront? It’s quite unnerving seeing your whole year’s phone bill like this, but if you can look past that fact, you could stand to save on your current arrangement.

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