What does Optus offer business customers?

Optus LogoA subsidiary of Asia’s Singtel group, Optus has been servicing Australians since the 1980s, when it was originally known as the Australian Satellite Network (or AUSSAT, for short).

After it became a private company, Optus initially offered long distance calls to customers, to rival Telstra. Optus laid its own fibre optic cables and set up telephone exchanges between its own interstate network and Telecom’s (now Telstra) local networks.

Optus also focused its fibre optic cables on office buildings and industrial areas, aiming to give high bandwidth calls for businesses. In the 90s, Optus rolled out its broadband cable network and offered its first business-focused internet product in 1998. It offered both dial-up and cable broadband, while ADSL services were available for businesses in 2004.

Today, Optus is involved in building Australia’s National Broadband Network (NBN) to provide homes and businesses with the best possible broadband in the country.

What does Optus offer small businesses?

For small teams, Optus offers a “great range of deals on the latest phones and great value plans”. If your team members bring their own mobile, there are sim-only plans available too.

Starting at $40 a month, employees can stay in touch at work with the data allowance of your choice, and unlimited calls and texts, as well as international calling minutes to selected countries, the telco says.

The monthly price includes all of the data, calls, and messages, as well as the repayment for the handsets. Many phones available for businesses have access to the super-fast Optus 4G network, meaning they can be online anywhere outside the office.

To simplify mobile plans for business, Optus has four grades of its My Plan Business package and all individual mobiles will come under the one account for easy billing.

A shared data pool is a handy feature of Optus business plans, so employees have access to all of the monthly data allowance, which is shared among everyone. The usage of the data pool can be easily monitored from the business’ Optus account, which manages the whole phone plan.

Optus says it is able to connect your business easily and give you great value for money – which is why it earned a five-star rating for overall customer satisfaction from small business owners surveyed by Canstar Blue.

What our survey respondents said about Optus

They are, without a doubt in my mind, the best overall value in Australia. Sometimes there will be an occasional service issue.
They have so many plan options. There are other providers with more competitive prices.
The 4G service is so fast and the mobile app is easy to use. There can be a long wait for the call centre.
The call centre staff are cheerful and willing to help. Coverage could be better in regional areas.


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