Recycle your old phone, don’t hoard it!


With Apple recently unveiling the new iPhone 6, there’s no doubt that plenty of us will be trading in our current phone for a newer, larger, even more beautiful replacement – pronto.

Recycle mobile phonesIf you will be one of those Apple devotees, what will you be doing with your old phone? Hopefully you’ll be recycling it, rather than hoarding it.

According to not-for-profit mobile phone recycling program Mobile Muster there are already more than 23 million old and unused mobiles phones going to waste in drawers, cupboards and garages across Australia. That roughly equates to one old phone for every man, woman and child in the country.

In September, Mobile Muster launched a new 12-month promotion called Old Phones for Good, encouraging us all to do the environment (and our household clutter) a favour by handing in our old phone.

In case you don’t think it could make much difference, the Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association earlier this year advised that via resource recovery and reuse, we have reduced the need to mine 36,295 tonnes of precious metal ore, which is equivalent to keeping 2,400 cars off the road, planting 53,000 trees or preventing 8,781 tonnes of CO2 greenhouse gas emissions. Nice!

Oh – and if you’re not sure how to recycle your old phone, just Google it – on your new smartphone.

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