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Foxtel is best known as the premier provider of subscription pay TV packages in Australia, with swathes of exclusive entertainment and sports content that can’t be found anywhere else. With many customers discovering the need to juggle both their Foxtel and separate broadband internet subscription, the company now offers a range of broadband plans to provide you with a one-stop shop for entertainment. Foxtel offers both ADSL and NBN broadband plans for customers around the nation, so read on to find out exactly what they include, and how Foxtel compares to our traditional broadband providers. Could you find better value in a Foxtel bundle?

What broadband plans does Foxtel offer?

Foxtel offers three different broadband plans, all of which are available with both ADSL and NBN fibre connections, on a 12 or 24 month contract – the latter saves you $150 in equipment fees. The company utilises Telstra’s ADSL broadband infrastructure, meaning their coverage and reliability is as good as any of the big providers. The major different between the two connection types is that NBN-ready households can choose from one of up to four download speed tiers, and like with other service providers, a faster connection will cost you extra each month.

All three Foxtel broadband bundles come with home phone line rental and unlimited standard local calls. Foxtel’s big selling point is that each plan comes with their Entertainment TV Pack included as standard. You’ll receive 45 premium TV channels across a wide variety of genres, with add-ons such as Drama and Sport packs available at extra cost. The details of Foxtel’s range are summarised below:

  Plan 1 Plan 2 Plan 3
Data 200GB Unlimited Unlimited
Cost per month $101 $111 $210 (first month $145)
Home phone Unlimited local calls Unlimited local and national calls
Foxtel package Entertainment TV Pack Entertainment TV Pack Platinum HD TV Pack

Source: Foxtel website

If you’re in the market for an NBN plan, then Foxtel offers the following speed tiers, in addition to the costs above:

Speed Cost per month (Plan 1) Cost per month (Plans 2 & 3)
12/1 Mbps (Standard on base plan)
25/5 Mbps (Standard on higher plans) +$10/month
50/20 Mbps +$20/month +$10/month
100/30 Mbps +$40/month +$30/month

How does Foxtel compare to other broadband providers?

Foxtel’s range is fairly unique in the broadband market as they only offer bundled internet and phone packages, with no naked broadband plans or wireless internet subscriptions. When combined with the addition of the company’s own TV channels, there are very few providers that offer similar inclusions.

Foxtel’s main competition comes from Telstra and Optus, both of which offer large, expensive bundled deals with multiple entertainment extras. Foxtel’s first Entertainment bundle sits right in between Telstra’s Medium plan and Optus’s My Entertainment bundle on price, but loses out in the data stakes – Telstra offers 500GB, whilst Optus provides unlimited downloads.

Upon moving up to the unlimited data bundle, only Optus offers a credible alternative to Foxtel’s entertainment-rich products. Optus’ aforementioned My Entertainment bundle is identical in price to Foxtel’s mid-range plan, and both provide unlimited internet and calls. The entertainment packages appear similar, but there is a significant difference – Foxtel provides all its premium channels, whilst Optus only includes the basic set-top box functionality for its Yes TV product. In terms of value, Foxtel wins this one hands-down.

If it’s the proverbial whole hog you’re after, then Foxtel’s massive Platinum HD bundle is your last stop. The huge $210/month asking price can’t match Optus’s $140 My Entertainment Plus pack for value, but the huge quantity of TV and movies included in the price will make it well worth it for media junkies. You can check out a sample comparison of Foxtel’s plans below:

Foxtel is an entertainment company first and foremost, and their primary focus is reflected in their latest broadband internet products. With all plans bringing Foxtel channels as standard, and with no naked or mobile broadband plans on offer, the plans cater to a specific range of households – those who have both the time and money to utilise such a subscription. In that range, however, Foxtel’s broadband plans are among the best possible choice to connect and entertain your home.

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