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beach hotel

Does the experience match the marketing?

“We invite you to experience our world class facility and five star service!” How often do we see these words in marketing campaigns, websites and brochures of hotels and resorts? Photos of the sun going down …

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business customer service

Service now: Not when it suits your business

As customers, we often hear how businesses align themselves with charities and community groups, engaging their staff to be part of a team to raise funds for much-needed projects on a national scale, as well …

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start up business

ANZ and Honcho partner to streamline business start-ups

ANZ is collaborating with start-up Honcho to help small businesses get started in just one day. Starting a new business can be a lengthy and time-consuming process – not to mention a decision minefield – so anything …

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thanking employees

How to thank your staff, without spending a lot of money

We all want to be recognised for a job well done, so much so that 62% of us would look for another job if we did not feel valued at work, according to a survey …

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working from home

Pros and cons of working from home

If you think that working from home seems like the perfect opportunity to sit in front of your computer sipping coffee in your pyjamas while still making money, you may have bought into some of …

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