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train commuters asleep

The pet peeves of Australian train commuters

This is for all those people who have ever stood on a crowded train, surrounded by frustrating people, desperate just to get home to bed. Asking thousands of Australian commuters about their pet peeves of rail …

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transperth train

Transperth Passenger Ratings 2016

Perth train passengers continue to rate their service higher than those in any other major Australian city. Canstar Blue’s 2016 review of Australia’s metropolitan rail networks has seen Transperth achieve five-star ratings in six out of …

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sydney trains hero

Sydney Trains Passenger Ratings 2016

Sydney Trains has seen the most significant improvement in customer ratings of Australia’s major metropolitan rail networks, but passengers continue to be frustrated with the cost of travel and there are concerns over safety on …

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Adelaid metro train

Adelaide Metro Passenger Ratings 2016

Adelaide Metro customers are generally content with their city’s rail service, with a significant drop in the number of complaints about overcrowding in the last year. However, passengers remain concerned about safety and anti-social behaviour …

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metro rail hero

Metro Trains Passenger Ratings 2016

Rail passengers in Melbourne remain the most discontent in Australia. Canstar Blue’s 2016 review of Melbourne’s metropolitan rail service has seen Metro Trains achieve two or three stars out of five in all research categories, including …

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