Finding a service station near you


Finding a service station near youHow many of your favourite service stations are there in Australia? 81% of Australians said they would not drive more than 10km to find cheap fuel.

United Petroleum

United Petroleum is winner of Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers – Service Stations award. You can check out our ratings here. And you can search for your nearest station online.

We aren’t sure how many United Petroleum service stations there are in Australia overall, but customers who spoke with Canstar Blue said their stations were very convenient:

“Easy location.”

“Close to home.”

“[It’s] on the way home.”


In 2010, when 7-Eleven bought all of the Mobil Oil petrol stations, that increased their herd of stations in Australia from 400 to over 650. So if there wasn’t a store near you before, there probably is now! Search for your nearest station online.

7‑Eleven is in fact the world’s largest convenience store chain with 55,800 stores in 16 countries.

Cost of fuel average spend


The cost of fuel…


BP has 1,300 service stations throughout Australia – more than enough to choose from. Their combined online and smartphone app is called BP Station Locations.


There are over 1,800 Caltex service stations in Australia – the most of any of Australia’s favourite brands!

Caltex Australia has its own smartphone app to help you find your nearest store, the Caltex Australia Site Locator.

You can also search easily for a station online.

Aussies want a good-looking servo more than cheap fuel
Aussies want a good looking servo

Coles Express

With more than 650 Coles Express stores located across Australia, you’re sure to find a store near you. Search for your nearest station online.

Caltex Woolworths, aka Woolworths Petrol

There are over 500 co-branded Caltex Woolworths (aka Woolworths Petrol) across Australia. Woolworths Petrol opens 20 new service stations every year.

Fuel Price Money


What influences the cost of petrol in Australia?


Around 870 service stations remain in Australia. Search for your nearest station online.

Did you know that Shell Australia also refuels over 1,000 flights a day? Now that’s getting people moving.

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