How much Australians pay for petrol each month


Australia is the sixth largest country in the world geographically, and has more than 810,000 kilometres of road spread out across the country (according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development).

Many Australians drive every day, and all of them are at the mercy of rising and falling fuel prices. So, which drivers pay the most? We surveyed several thousand drivers from around the country to find out.

How much do Australians spend on petrol?

As you can see, Victorians seem to be paying more each month at the pump, while respondents from Queensland and Western Australia end up paying considerably less. Results also show a preference for standard 95 RON fuel, but also a significant uptake in the use of E10: the ethanol blend made widely available in the last ten years.

Our results also show that men are more likely than women to spend a greater amount of money on fuel each month ($152 versus $136). As for what the average Australian driver spends on petrol in general, the total comes to $144 a month.

How Australians save money at the bowser

We also found that drivers are shopping smart, with 68% trying to follow the ebb and flow of fuel pricing and fill up on days when petrol is at its cheapest. Additionally, a third of drivers refuse to fuel up unless they have a discount voucher (e.g. a coupon received from spending a certain amount at the supermarket).

A quarter would even drive across town if it meant getting a better price on fuel.

Are there alternatives? Public transport is certainly a valid option. However, three in five respondents told us they would end up spending more money on public transport fares than they would if they drove. We talk more about that in this story.

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