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car tyre course

How to find the best value car tyres

When it comes to buying new tyres for your car, there are many factors that you should consider. Since car tyres are quite an expensive purchase, consumers always want to get the best value for …

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sports tyres

New car tyre promises “best of both worlds”

With the demands from the race track to every day driving quite different, for the more passionate driver switching between the weekday ‘Road Angel’ and your weekend ‘Track Demon’ has always meant not only the …

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old tire pile

A guide to recycling used car tyres

In 2014, Tyre Stewardship Australia (TSA) was established to reduce and eliminate the unsustainable disposal of tyres that have reached the end of their life. Since then, it’s been hard at work establishing a framework …

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Motorbike helmet road safety

Motorcycle helmets: The legal standards

Every Australian motorcyclist knows they need a helmet if they want to ride. Wearing a motorcycle helmet significantly reduces your chances of suffering a serious head injury should you have an accident, and could literally …

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beach drive thumbnail

Is beach driving a good idea?

A beach driving holiday is perhaps on of the most Australian type of getaway. As the saying goes, we’re a sunburnt country. Driving up the legendary Pacific Motorway, or indeed around Australia is a dream …

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