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A guide to Hyundai cars in Australia

What cars does Hyundai sell in Australia? Hyundai vehicles, features, prices and more at Canstar Blue.

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Cheerful woman sitting in a car holding new car keys.

Drive a hard bargain when you buy a new car

Canstar Blue research shows that the vast majority of consumers who haggle over price secure money off their new vehicle.

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car tyre course

How to find the best value car tyres

The first step to finding the best value car tyres is to decide which type of tyre you want. Here is a guide to different types of tyres.

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sports tyres

New car tyre promises “best of both worlds”

Love racing, but also need a set of car tyres that is practical for city driving? One tyre manufacture thinks it has the answer.

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old tire pile

A guide to recycling used car tyres

Recycling is important, but have you ever considered what happens to your old car tyres? Read our guide to tyre recycling.

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