ALDI: Customer Satisfaction Award-Winners

Posted by Canstar Blue April 24th 2015

ALDIStill a relatively new addition to many towns and cities across the country, ALDI has been a huge hit with Australian consumers – and its popularity has been reflected by numerous Canstar Blue awards over the years.

With more than 350 stores nationwide, ALDI is now challenging the supermarket dominance of Coles and Woolworths and its ‘keep it simple’ approach has certainly resonated with consumers, as has its range of home brand products which regularly rate highly for customer satisfaction.

What makes ALDI award winning?

One thing becomes very plain when looking at a number of our awards from over the years: ALDI customers are happy to come back for more. Consistently, the supermarket brand has achieved five star ratings for overall customer satisfaction for both its supermarkets and many of its products – even when pitted against particularly well-known brands.

Where else does ALDI put its best foot forward? Customers seem happy with the value for money of their purchases for one; given that ALDI has received five star ratings in this area countless times. It’s easy to understand why: products like disposable nappies, sunscreen, and laundry detergent (powder) aren’t just one-off purchases – they’re something you need to buy often. Because of this, getting a quality product for a reasonable price can be a huge deal to shoppers on a budget.

Another thing worth mentioning about ALDI is that it is a real crowd-pleaser for its range of food products. In 2014 alone, we saw the supermarket ‘darling’ pick up awards for its dips, block cheese, frozen vegetables, and weight loss shakes.

Speaking of the kitchen, another feather in ALDI’s cap was its award for espresso coffee machines. Despite being a relatively new entrant into this particular space, the supermarket brand’s espresso machine dominated our awards last year. ALDI Expressi achieved five star ratings for reliability, ease of use, after sale service, and more.

It’s plain that ALDI has been a steadfast winner in our ratings in recent time. However, this supermarket brand’s award-wins go back even further than that – all the way to 2011, in fact.