Air conditioners and Australian summers

A significant 73% of Australians who purchased an air conditioner in the last three years don’t think they could survive the Australian summer without personal cooling! Furthermore, it seems females (83%) struggle more with the stifling heat than men (67%).

This is based on a sample of 595 people surveyed in early 2013 about their air conditioner usage. The results aren’t surprising, given Australia has just sweated through it’s hottest year on record.

However, despite the huge reliance on air conditioning, only one in three have their system running for most of the summer. More Gen Y’s take advantage of this technology, with almost one in two always relying on their air con when it gets hot.

This behaviour could be brought about because more than one in two (52%) hold concern about burdening the grid. These respondents want to be good global citizens and not cause a blackout, and endeavour to only use the air conditioner when they really need it.

Encouragingly, 62% of people take the time to regularly clean their air conditioning unit. This is even more pronounced with Baby Boomers (69%), but progressively drops away with Gen X (57%) and Gen Y (47%).

Only a very small number (12%) who bought an air conditioner in the last three years acknowledge that they do not use their unit at all, and for almost three in four of these people, the main reason their air con stays off is that they are trying to save money.

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