Save hundreds with Appliances Online birthday sales

If you’re looking to buy a new appliance for your home, now might be a good time to shop around. The 2019 Appliances Online Birthday Sale is on until Wednesday, October 30, or while stocks last. So, whether you’re needing something for the kitchen, laundry or the living room, there’s plenty on offer at heavily discounted prices.

Appliance Sales at Appliances Online

Get up to 58% off on a range of appliances, including washing machines, dryers, dishwashers, fridges and air conditioners at Appliances Online. Here are some of the biggest discounts you can find online:

Model RRP Sale Prices % Off RRP
Gorenje W9865E 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine $1,499 $694 54% off RRP
Bosch Serie 4 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine WAN22120AU $1,299 $639 51% off RRP
Asko 7kg Heat Pump Dryer T784CHP $2,399 $1,009 58% off RRP
Samsung 8kg Heat Pump Dryer DV80M5010IW $2,299 $999 57% off RRP
DeLonghi DEDW6015SI Semi Integrated Dishwasher $1,049  $460 56% off RRP
Esatto EDW456S 45cm Compact Freestanding Dishwasher $799  $398 50% off RRP
Smeg SR601N 622L Side by Side Fridge $3,650 $1,699 53% off RRP
Samsung 714L French Door Fridge SRF714NCDBLS $4,999 $2,494 50% off RRP
Fujitsu 5.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner ASTG18KUCA $2,689 $1,336 50% off RRP
LG Premium 3.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System Inverter Air Conditioner T12AWN $1,419 $929 35% off RRP

Washing Machine sales at Appliances Online

Gorenje W9865E 8.5kg Front Load Washing Machine

Priced at $694, down from $1,499 – 54% off RRP

Made in Slovenia, this 8.5kg front load washing machine from Gorenje is designed with a range of convenient features. It has 13 different wash cycles with up to 31 different program combinations, giving you plenty of options to find the right cycle for your specific load, plus you can save two of your favourite cycles for easy access.

It also has a delay start function, allowing you to plan up to 24 hours in advance, so you can have your washing done when you wake up or when you get home from work. Its TotalWeight control technology is said to automatically sense laundry weight and adjust the washing program to the amount of clothing in the drum. Expect 4.5-star ratings for both energy and water efficiency.

Bosch Serie 4 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine WAN22120AU

Priced at $639, down from $1,299 – 51% off RRP

This 7.5kg front load washing machine from Bosch comes packed with a number of useful features. It has 15 wash programs including a quick wash, plus a child lock for safety. In addition, its ActiveWater system automatically recognises the load to help ensure that only the required amount of water is used.

There’s also a reload function for when you forget an item, so you can open the door and add it in (but only during certain stages of the cycle) and a delay start option, allowing you to set the washer at the time most convenient for you. It has a 4-star energy efficiency rating and 4.5-star water rating. Plus, with its VarioPerfect functions, you can apparently make certain programs faster and more efficient.

Dryer sales at Appliances Online

Asko 7kg Heat Pump Dryer T784CHP

Priced at $1,009, down from $2,399 – 58% off RRP

While it may not look as stylish on the outside, it has a minimalistic Scandinavian design, with the heat pump dryer one of the most energy efficient dryers on the market, which may offset any issues you may have about the aesthetic. However, this type is also one of the most expensive, so finding one on sale is a bonus. Asko’s 7kg model is retailing for 58% off RRP, so it’s worth a look at.

There are 10 different programs to choose from with additional functionality such as Asko’s SensiDry system, stated to sense the precise time required for drying and stop the cycle when clothes are ready, minimising shrinkage and saving energy. In terms of energy efficiency, it has a 6-star energy rating, so it might help you save money on energy bills later down the track.

Samsung 8kg Heat Pump Dryer DV80M5010IW

Priced at $999, down from $2,299 – 57% off RRP

Another heat pump model for you to consider is this 8kg unit from Samsung. Fitted with 14 programs, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from when you need to dry your load. This includes a Quick Dry function, claimed to dry small loads of clothing in 35 minutes, plus sensor drying to help you save time and energy as it automatically monitors the temperature and moisture level to ensure clothes are dried to the desired setting.

With a 7-star energy rating, it’s definitely up there as far as high energy efficient dryers go. Its two-in-one layered mesh filter is stated to help maintain the functionality of the dryer, trapping lint in one location. It’s also fitted with two alarms to alert you when it’s time to clean the filter and heat exchanger.

Dishwasher sales at Appliances Online

DeLonghi DEDW6015SI Semi Integrated Dishwasher

Priced at $460, down from $1,049 – 56% off RRP

This Semi Integrated dishwasher from DeLonghi is suitable for 15 place settings, with an adjustable upper basket for larger pots and pans. It’s equipped with a Dual Zone wash function, allowing you to run half-loads for light days, full loads on busier days, and a variety of different wash styles on other days. There’s also a slide-out cutlery tray, to help spread out the dirty cutlery out for a thorough clean.

There’s an inbuilt child lock to help keep curious fingers safe. And in terms of energy efficiency expect a 4-star rating, plus a 5-star rating for water efficiency, using just 11.8L per cycle.

Esatto EDW456S 45cm Compact Freestanding Dishwasher

Priced at $398, down from $799 – 50% off RRP

If you’re after a freestanding dishwasher, you might like to check out this model. It’s a slightly smaller model than the one above, with a design that fits just the nine place settings. There are six wash programs available including a half load option, heavy wash, pre wash, quick wash and a rinse cycle. Similar to the DeLonghi unit, it features a child lock for safety, plus an anti-leak device.

It has both a 3-star energy and water efficiency rating, with an ECO mode available to increase the efficiency of the unit, especially if you have a small load.  You can also make use of off-peak energy times with its delay start function.

Fridge sales at Appliances Online

Smeg SR601N 622L Side by Side Fridge

Priced at $1,699, down from $3,650 – 53% off RRP

The brand that seems to always be on trend, Smeg offers a side by side fridge in a black finish. It looks stunning but it might not be for every household. If we look at the specs, the total volume is 622L – that’s 380L for the fridge and 242L for the freezer space. With this large capacity in mind, this unit has just 2-stars for energy efficiency.

Nevertheless, it’s equipped with a LED touch display and a child lock, two ice trays and a wine bottle holder. In terms of design, there are four “spill proof” safety glass shelves, two storage compartments and five door shelves – so, plenty of room! In addition, it features a power off and temperature alarm.

Samsung 714L French Door Fridge SRF714NCDBLS

Priced at $2,494, down from $4,999 – 50% off RRP

For something even bigger, this 714L French Door unit from Samsung is pretty hefty. Expect adjustable shelving so that you can adjust for larger items, plus a convertible freezer, which means you can change the bottom-right door to another temperature for additional flexibility.

It has six door pockets, a foldable shelf, tempered glass shelves and an egg container inside. Its CoolSelect Zone allows you to change the temperature and functions of the drawer – Cool, Chill, Soft Freeze, Quick Cool and Thaw. For its energy efficiency, it was rated 2.5 stars.

Air Conditioner sales at Appliances Online

Fujitsu 5.0kW Reverse Cycle Split System ASTG18KUCA

Priced at $1,336, down from $2,689 – 50% off RRP

This 5kW split system air conditioner from Fujitsu offers a number of features in a sleek and stylish finish. Its filter is said to absorb fine dust, mould spores, and other harmful micro-organisms. Whether you’re heating or cooling, if you put the fan in Auto Mode, the micro-processor is designed to adjust airflow automatically to follow changes in room temperature, for an evenly controlled environment apparently.

There’s also an intelligent Human Sensor Control that detects when people are in the room to ensure optimal temperature control, according to the brand. Its program timer lets you program the air conditioner around your day, while its sleep timer gradually changes the room temperature when you go to sleep. It’s rated three stars for energy efficiency in both heating and cooling.

LG Premium 3.5kW Reverse Cycle Split System T12AWN

Priced at $929, down from $1,419 – 35% off RRP

The slightly smaller 3.5kW air conditioner from LG also features a sleek design, finished in classic white. It’s equipped with LG’s Plasmaster Ioniser Plus, claimed to generate millions of plasma ions to filter the room for cleaner airflow. Along with its Micro Dust Filter, both pollen and dust are also captured, according to the brand.

LG’s Active Energy Control is aimed at increasing energy efficiency of the unit by limiting the consumption of electricity. You can also use the Wi-Fi Smart Control app to control and monitor your air conditioner remotely. It has 3.5-stars for cooling energy efficiency and 5-stars for heating energy efficiency.

Bottom line on appliance sales

Yes, sales are enticing, but it’s important to hold yourself back if you don’t need anything new. Before any major appliance purchase, it would be wise to do your research and find exactly what you’re looking for, as most will be a long-term investment. Generally, with appliances, you get what you pay for, so if you can score a great bargain on what you’ve been looking for in this department, then it might be worth looking into.

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