How Shoppers Buy Their Dryers

How Australians shop for new clothes dryers

Posted by May 29th 2018

In a recent survey, we found many Australians use online research or the advice of brick and mortar retailers to decide which clothes dryer to buy.

Australians Using Dryers

How are Australians using their clothes dryer?

Posted by May 29th 2018

The modern day clothes dryer is a staple in many Australian homes, almost as much so as the iconic hills hoist clothes line. Because of this, we surveyed dryer owners in 2013 to see what …

Clothers Dryer Ownership

How many Australians own a clothes dryer?

Posted by May 29th 2018

Many profess to being ‘time poor’, but certain household appliances can ease the burden. The big question: How many Aussies own a clothes dryer?