How many Australians own a clothes dryer?


Clothers Dryer OwnershipMany Australians profess that they’re ‘time poor’, which is why so many of us rely on certain appliances. One is the tried and true clothes dryer, which can be found in 60% of the households of Australians who responded to our 2013 survey. Dishwashers are similarly popular (58%), while washing machines stood on a whole other level – found in 98% of the homes.

Of those that did buy a dryer for their home, more state that value for money and energy efficiency are the most important features in choosing a machine (28% and 27%).

Looking at how much clothes dryers cost over the long run, ABS data reveals that higher income earners are more likely to use their machine at least once a week. Here’s the breakdown:

Usage of Clothes Dryers, 2011Source: ABS, 2012

N.B. Results are from Victorian respondents only.

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