Coffee addicts beware: Is your espresso a friend or foe?

Australian’s are no strangers to coffee addiction – 45% of those who answered our recent survey said they can’t start their day without consuming their number one blend. It’s hard to say no to your favorite barista brewing up a good coffee on a Monday morning, but is enjoying the rich, full bodied flavor of your favourite instant, plunged or dripped brew a habit you could do without?

From a financial point of view:

Australians spend around $3.50 on the average cup of coffee. If you were to buy one coffee a day, five days a week, 52 weeks of the year you’d be spending $910 on this seemingly innocent habit. What could you do with the $910? An awful lot actually – you could buy an overseas airfare, a new television or a new summer wardrobe – you could even invest the money and from there who knows what riches may lie ahead!

From a health point of view:

There are many theories surrounding how much is too much when it comes to caffeine. Some health professionals recommend cutting out caffeine altogether while some say you should limit your intake to two cups. Yet a handful of recent studies suggest that caffeine could lower the risk of depression in females, and prostate cancer in males; provide protection from type 2 diabetes and decrease the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

However, there’s a flip side to this: excessive caffeine (we’re talking five or more cups of coffee per day) can lead to sleeping difficulties, anxiety and other health issues. The trick – like all good things in life – is to have it in moderation.

From a sanity point of view:

Some days, coffee just makes you feel good – whether it’s because the effect it has on your taste buds is out of this world, it means catching up with friends, or it provides you with the only moment of solitude in your day. It seems most Australians can scrounge together $3.50 from the depths of their wallets sate their caffeine cravings.

We’re only human and it’s okay if we need a little pick me up from time to time, right?

Have you given up or cut back your coffee intake, and why? Have you seen any benefits?

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