Run, don’t walk: ALDI’s sold out robot vac is back for $399

Hold onto your trolleys! The Deebot OZMO 900 is returning to ALDI’s Spring Cleaning Special Buys for more than half its retail price of nearly $1,000, after shoppers wiped the aisles clean earlier this year.

The discount supermarket will join forces with Ecovacs Robotics once again to offer the popular robot cleaner that both vacuums and mops, available for $399 ($999 RRP*) from next Saturday (September 5) .

The Deebot OZMO 610, an older version of the 900 model, similarly sold out within seconds in a previous Special Buys sale.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo 900 robot cleaner

One of the standout features of the Deebot OZMO 900 is Ecovacs’ signature ‘Smart Navi 3.0’ navigation and mapping technology. According to Ecovacs, the mapping function scans the home and creates a visual map in the Ecovacs Home App, before automatically generating a cleaning path that best suits the environment.

There’s also the OZMO Mopping System, which contains a 240ml water reservoir and even an electronically controlled release to mop up liquid and dirt.

Robot cleaner that vacuums and mops

The Ecovacs robot vacuum additionally includes an Auto Boost Suction Power, designed to increase its suction power once it detects carpet for a deeper clean.

The automatic charging capability also ensures the Deebot automatically returns to its charging station whenever it reaches low battery.

Ecovacs deebot ozmo vacuum

Deebot ozmo 900

Some other features include Ecovacs’ Home App and Scheduling, integration with Google Home and Amazon Echo, and interchangeable suction attachments.

It similarly contains common functions featured across the Deebot robot vacuum range, including stair safety sensors, obstacle detection technology, high-efficiency filter and voice reporting.

Head of Ecovacs Robotics for Australia and New Zealand, Karen Powell, said she hopes the huge sale can help Aussies manage some of their everyday stress.

“We are all spending much more time at home right now, but of course this doesn’t change our feelings towards cleaning and related tasks,” she said.

“We are very pleased to be able to bring back the Deebot OZMO 900 at $399 while still delivering the latest vacuum, mopping and mapping technology available.

“This promotion also comes during a particularly important period as we look to free up more time to look after ourselves and those around us. We hope this offer provides an affordable luxury to some and takes away some of the hassle from cleaning and maintaining their homes.”

IRobot Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot

When it comes to price, the iRobot Braava Jet 240 Mopping Robot (pictured above) is one of the few models in the market that matches the Deebot OZMO 900, also at $399 RRP, though most two-in-one robot cleaners with both mopping and vacuuming capabilities typically cost at least $1,000.

Deebot Ozmo

Ecovacs conducted its own research and found 79.1% of people agreed that having a dirty house increases stress levels, something which the company stated should be especially avoided during these uncertain times.

Self-care has recently been considered more of a priority for many people, with global research from IRI reporting 41% of survey respondents have been putting more thought and effort into their physical and emotional health.

In Australia, Nielsen data shows the number of people aged between 25 and 39 that are engaging with home and garden related activities has risen by 139%.

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