Do you trust your dishwasher?

Do you trust your dishwasher?The majority of Australians don’t trust their dishwasher to do a good job – but still can’t do without it.

Canstar Blue surveyed more than 1,700 adults and found that 87% inspect their dishes and cutlery before putting them away, just in case they haven’t been cleaned properly. Despite that, 73% of Aussies prefer using their dishwasher to cleaning by hand, and 42% use it every day.

As the old saying goes: ‘If you can’t trust someone to do the job properly, then do it yourself’. Yet when it comes to cleaning dishes, it seems many people don’t trust their dishwasher, but still refuse to put in some elbow grease themselves.

How long do dishwashers last?

Given that most households only replace their dishwasher when it stops working – and we keep them for an average of 7.7 years – perhaps it’s no surprise that some dishwashers are not performing as well as they once did.

More than a quarter of people fail to rinse their dishes before loading them into the dishwasher, roughly the same number tend to use the cheapest brand of detergent available, and 41% admit they rarely or never clean their machine. So perhaps some people aren’t taking as much care of their dishwasher as they could.

Forty per cent of the 750 adults surveyed, who have bought a new dishwasher in the last three years, said they replaced their old appliance because it broke down. One in five purchased a new machine because they moved home, 15% were renovating their home, and 12% said their old dishwasher simply wasn’t cleaning efficiently.

The survey also found performance (38%) to be the biggest driver of customer satisfaction, ahead of design (16%), warranty and service (12%), internal layout (11%), value for money (10%) and quietness (10%).

How much do dishwashers cost?

Spending an average of $810, it seems many people are happy to pay a good price for a dishwasher they can trust, even if they wait for their old one to break down first.

Ultimately, consumers want a reliable machine that saves them the time and hassle of cleaning their dishes by hand – and they would prefer it to last for a reasonable length of time.

Miele has picked up Canstar Blue’s Most Satisfied Customers Award for dishwashers, beating six other top brands for overall satisfaction. See our latest ratings for further details.

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