Don’t try this at home: Dyson warns against viral ‘vacuum hack’

A viral ‘hack’ that involves putting a dryer sheet inside a vacuum bin to make it release ‘a lovely smell’ while cleaning has prompted Dyson to remind people not to insert random objects in their appliance.

The hack gained traction online from a post on the Mums Who Clean Facebook page which has more than 300,000 members, suggesting that inserting Fluffy dryer sheets inside the barrel of a vacuum can make it ‘smell fresh’ while you clean.

Dyson hack dryer sheet

“Not sure if anyone has done it but I love putting the Fluffy drying sheets in my Dyson vac barrel,” the social media user wrote.

“Lets out a lovely smell while I’m vacuuming.”

The post spurred other users to share similar tricks, including adding drops of essential oils to the vacuum bin or spraying deodorant on vacuum filters.

Dyson is now urging people not to try it, saying it could damage the appliance and void any warranty.

“While we love the idea of finding ways to reduce bad odours in your home, we would never recommend intentionally including large foreign objects in the bin of a Dyson vacuum (or any other) as it could reduce the functionality of the primary cyclone and cause a loss of suction power,” said Jonathan McGaughey, Lead Separation Systems Engineer at Dyson.

“We do not recommend that owners expose their machines to any liquid including water, or essential oils.

“Owners should refer to the instructions in the manual provided with the machine upon purchase, as usage of their machine outside of what it’s designed to do may void their warranty.”

Picture credits: Shutterstock/Facebook.

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