Keeping a lid on gadget spending

I’m not going to lie to you: my motivation to find a cheaper product – especially when it comes to gadgets – is not a compulsion for saving money so much as a sort of game. That said, knowing how to keep costs down is an important skill for those with a taste for the high tech.

In the last six months I’ve bought a:

  • Google Nexus 7 tablet
  • Apple TV 3rd generation
  • Kindle 3rd generation
  • A car boot full of components for a home-built computer
  • Logitech mx518 mouse…two of them, actually

I’m not alone in this addiction: 30% of respondents to our recent survey said they allow themselves to splurge the latest electronic gadgets. I try to be balanced where I can; as I save a decent amount of money every payday, eat out a few times each week and still have plenty left over to pay the bills.

Avoid impulse buying

Given how expensive some electronics cost, try not to purchase anything on impulse. If you’re guilty of this, it’s okay; one in five survey respondents made the same mistake and reportedly own too many useless gadgets in their house.

That computer and mouse I mentioned before? I bought those once my old computer finally bit the dust – not simply for the sake of upgrading. Make sure you ask yourself if you need this gadget, or if you just want it.

Compare gadget prices carefully

This is a no-brainer – shop around! There are plenty of decent Australian owned websites to purchase gadgets from that are quick to deliver at minimal cost. That said; don’t act under the assumption that online shopping is always cheaper: my Apple TV cost less in store than any website I looked at.

Just don’t do what I did: venture into an electronics store, hop onto one of the demo tablets, go to an online comparison website to find a better deal…and then leave the store.

That’s just bad manners.

Consider letting family and friends shoulder some of the cost

My family hates buying stuff for me because they know how picky I am. If someone you know is struggling to figure out a good Christmas or Birthday present for yourself, ask them (or a couple of people if it’s pricey) if they’d like to chip in on a gadget you’ve had your eye on. That’s what I did with my Kindle, and my family was more than happy to oblige.

Have any gadget-savings tips of your own? Make sure you share them below!

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