How Miele cleaned up with our ovens award


Most households simply couldn’t do without their trusty oven – yet a shocking 49% of adults in Canstar Blue’s survey admitted to rarely or never cleaning theirs.

Miele ovenAre we taking our ovens for granted? Given that around a third of respondents replaced their old oven because it broke down, it seems that some people probably are. Only 16% said they clean their oven on a weekly basis, with 32% doing so monthly.

To get an idea about oven health, and learn about some of their cutting-edge home appliances, we spoke to the good people from Miele – our Most Satisfied Customers Award winner for ovens in 2015. You can read our report here.

Q: Almost half of our survey respondents said they rarely or never clean their oven. Aside from the potential health implications, how much of a mistake is this – can a dirty oven have a detrimental effect on its performance and how often should people get their hands dirty?

A: When choosing an oven, ease of maintenance and cleaning is most noteworthy as certainly it’s a chore most of us do not like to do. Miele ovens are either complete with Miele’s exclusive PerfectClean finish which has non-stick properties to make cleaning very easy, or come with pyrolytic cleaning programmes.

To make cleaning even easier, Miele Generation 6000 Ovens come equipped with PyroFit that allows Miele side runners, racks and select FlexiClip full telescopic runners to remain inside the oven during the pyrolytic cleaning process, overcoming the last obstacle in maintaining the oven in impeccable condition.

In addition, all Miele Steam and Steam Combination Ovens feature an external steam generator so limescale cannot form inside the cabinet and the interior can be simply wiped dry.

What we expect from our ovens

Q: We found reliability and even heat distribution to be the two biggest drivers of customer satisfaction – both areas in which Miele was the only brand to score five-star ratings. What is your experience of what consumers are looking for and how are you managing to meet their demands?

A: First and foremost, customers look for appliances that will enable them to confidently achieve perfect cooking results, whether that be using tried and tested recipe favourites or through the creation of dishes new to their repertoire.

Reliable functionality and even heat distribution are certainly important and very rational reasons for purchase as they give peace of mind for everyday use. However, it is more the aspiration to try something new or elevate their cooking prowess that convinces consumers to invest in a Miele oven.

And with a national programme of cooking appliance demonstrations in the very inspirational Miele Centers around Australia, Miele engages with its consumers from the time they commence their research into the style of oven that will meet their needs. They are welcome to attend a Miele Experience class at the Center, an inspirational place to commence their research. Then, once the oven is selected and installed, they are welcome to return to attend appliance specific classes so that they make the most from the advanced technology of Miele ovens and indeed, achieve perfect results.

Classic Miele ovenQ: We found the average age of ovens in Australian households to be 12 years. In your experience, how long should people realistically expect their oven to perform at its peak?

A: Miele ovens are German engineered and tested to the equivalent of 20 years usage. As part of this testing regime, in order to reflect real-life usage, oven doors for example are opened and closed 36,000 times.

Furthermore, the addition of Miele appliances in the home offers a classic, timeless design that does not date and one that never tends to tire in appeal.

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