The number of coffee machines in Australia


Number of coffee machines in AustraliaOnce upon a time, espresso coffee machines in homes were a rarity. In fact, if you wanted a morning cup of coffee, your options were either to brew a cup of instant, or try your luck at the local cafe.

Our research, published mid 2013, paints a different picture of the modern kitchen. We found that roughly a third of Australian households now own an espresso coffee machine.

Thirteen percent of the respondents to a different survey have recently purchased a brand new espresso coffee machine. Four percent purchased an additional unit for their home, and 5% bought a replacement.

Altogether, this equates to more than one in five respondents who have purchased any kind of espresso coffee machine in the last year.

More interesting still is the percentage of Australians investing in capsule coffee machines, which have experienced a surge in popularity in the last few years – thanks in part to the likes of Batman and Jason Bourne. In 2011, there were 473,000 capsule coffee machines sold in Australia, according to Additionally, ALDI’s Expressi brand received our 2013 Most Satisfied Customers award for coffee machines – the humble capsule machine winning the hearts of Australians.

For a non-essential appliance, that’s a significantly high proportion of Australians making espressos at home.

* Survey conducted towards the end of 2013.

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