The number of dishwashers in Australia


Dishwashers in AustraliaOnce considered a household luxury, dishwashers are fast becoming a regular feature in Australian households, with more than half (58%) of Australia owning one. This finding comes from Canstar Blue research carried out in 2013.

Victorians were the most likely to own a dishwasher, with two in three claiming to have one in their household. South Australians and Tasmanians were most likely to hand wash their dishes with just under half (49%) owning a dishwasher.

Only 14% of respondents have purchased a new dishwasher in the last two years:

  • 4% didn’t have one before
  • 2% were purchasing an additional dishwasher
  • 8% were replacing an old model.

Gen X’s were most likely to have purchased a new dishwasher (19%) compared to Baby Boomers at a much lower 10%.

Fourteen percent of respondents intend to purchase a new dishwasher in the next two years – five percent having not previously owned one, 2% purchasing an additional unit, and 6% purchasing a replacement for their current dishwasher. Gen Y respondents are most likely to purchase a dishwasher with 19% intending to in the  next two years, whereas only 10% of Baby Boomers plan to do so.

These results are based on a nationally representative sample of over 2,500 Australians who were surveyed by Colmar Brunton in 2013 about appliances ownership and usage in their household.

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