The number of air conditioners in Australia

A little more than three quarters of Australians claim to have an air conditioning unit in their household, according to Canstar Blue research conducted in 2013. This was highest in South Australia (89%) Western Australia (85%) and Victoria (80%) and then lowest in Tasmania (49%).

In the last two years, 16% of respondents have purchased a brand new air conditioner:

  • 7% had not owned one before,
  • 4% were purchasing an additional unit for their home and
  • 5% purchased a unit as a replacement.

Respondents from Victoria were more likely to have purchased an air conditioner in the last two years (19%).

In terms of future intentions, 12% of survey respondents plan to purchase a new air conditioner within the next two years. This comprised 5% for a new air conditioner (i.e. do not currently have one), 3% for an additional unit and 4% for a replacement. It seems these new air conditioner purchases are more likely to come from the Gen Y (19%) and Gen X (17%) age groups.

These results are based on a nationally representative sample of over 2,500 Australians who were surveyed by Colmar Brunton in 2013 about appliances ownership and usage in their household.

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