How to save money when washing your clothes

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Laundry is one of those things that we just can’t get out of each week. Because of this, it’s a good idea to consider ways in which you can save money each load, which is exactly what many Australians have done.

  • Consider your choice of washing machine carefully: While the greatest percentage of respondents to our 2013 survey cited functionality and features as the most important attribute in buying a washing machine (27%), it was followed closely by value for money (26%) and energy efficiency (23%).
  • No half loads: Three quarters of consumers who responded to our washing machine survey always wait for a full load before running it through a cycle. This means that many Australians aren’t unnecessarily running full cycles for the sake of a few clean socks, and will therefore mean less washing cycles in the long run.
  • Less may be more: As a general rule, it’s best to use the amount of detergent outlined on the outside of the product’s box or bottle. However, as reported in an article on Daily Finance, you may not need to use as much. They suggest that most consumers use twice as much detergent as necessary. While we cannot personally vouch for this, it may be worth consideration, given how much you could save on detergent costs.
  • A quarter of our washing machine survey respondents sometimes hand wash clothing to save money on their electricity bill. There are several advantages to this. a) You’ll save money on your bills, and b) you’ll have a better chance at tackling stains your washing machine missed. Who knows, you might find the whole experience rather cathartic. We’ve previously written an article about how to hand wash your laundry to get you started.
  • Cold trumps hot water: Washing machines need to heat water to run hot water cycles. This requires extra power, which will come back and haunt you on your next electricity bill. That said, hot water is more effective at removing stains from clothes.

If you‘re in the market for a washing machine, make sure you consider these factors in your purchasing decision. Our ratings assessed customer satisfaction with overall satisfaction, value for money, energy efficiency and more across several notable brands – so make sure you check them out on our website.

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