Series 8 Induction Cooktop Review

You may have heard about induction cooking, but aren’t sure what it’s really all about. Well, let us explain, before going onto introduce one of the most innovation induction cooktops on the market today.

What is induction cooking?

Induction stovetops are far more efficient than regular cooking surfaces. They work using electromagnetic coils underneath the surface. When the stovetop is turned on, an electric current runs through the coil, which generates a fluctuating magnetic field. Iron and stainless steel are poor conductors of electricity, so when you place them on the stovetop, most of the energy from the electromagnetic currents is turned into heat.

This makes heating faster and more efficient – the heat isn’t coming from the stovetop but from the pot or pan itself. Once you take the pan away from the surface, the cooktop cools faster because it’s only hot from contact with the pan.

As heat is only produced in the bottom of the pan in use, the cooktop doesn’t heat up more than you actually need. There’s now no more wasting energy heating up the unused stovetop surface, or losing heat in the transfer between stovetop and pan.

Pots and pans made from materials that conduct electricity well, such as copper or aluminium, don’t work well on induction surfaces. An easy test to see if it will work is the magnet test – if a magnet will stick to it, it’ll heat up on an induction stovetop.

The Series 8 Induction Cooktop

With the Series 8 Induction Cooktop from Bosch, you can enjoy fast, precise and efficient cooking. Use the PowerBoost function to power up the cooking process and reduce cooking time.

Choose between two flexible cooking zone designs. The largest cooktop in this range has five induction cooking zones with an extendable cooking zone for your large cookware heating up to a 280mm diameter. Alternatively, the FlexInduction version has two standard induction cooking zones and one large continuous surface for maximum adaptability to oversized and odd-sized pans.

The timer with automatic switch-off for each of the five induction cooking zones is very useful to prevent over-cooking. Over-boiling is far less likely to result in scorching because it’s easier and safer to wipe up straight away. With WipeProtection, you can quickly pause settings to clean as you go. As the surface itself isn’t being heated, it’s far less likely that a spill will turn into a scorch. A digital two-stage residual heat indicator for all cooking zones, plus a childproof lock, also keep the stovetop safe.

Last but not least, the Series 8 is a very smooth look for the kitchen. The minimalistic design with stainless steel side profiles and bevelled front keeps things simple and easy to clean. The electronic DirectSelect 2.0 touch control allows you to choose your heat setting with just one touch.

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