South Australia: The DIY coffee capital

While the question of which state is home to the best coffee is the subject of much debate, new research has found that South Australia is the clear ‘do it yourself’ coffee capital of the country.

A Canstar Blue survey of 3,000 households has found that South Australians are making the biggest financial commitment to their caffeine fix, spending $139 more than the national average on coffee machines and $5 more per month on ongoing costs, such as coffee beans or capsules.

South Aussies are also the most likely to use their coffee machine every day, and three out of five (60%) prefer their homemade efforts to what they could buy from a café.

“People in Victoria and New South Wales can argue all they want about who has the best coffee or who drinks the most, but our results show that South Australians are the most committed to their habit at home,” said Head of Canstar Blue, Megan Doyle.

“At about $60 per month, South Australians spend a similar amount on takeaway coffee as consumers in other parts of the country, but those with coffee machines at home are seriously outspending everyone else on their caffeine fix.

“You could pick up a basic coffee machine for less than $100, but South Australians are clearly more inclined to buy the more expensive models in search of the best quality at home.”

Average spend on… National SA VIC NSW WA QLD
Coffee machines (point of purchase) $345 $484 $352 $317 $297 $290
Coffee beans or capsules (per month) $29 $34 $30 $26 $29 $27

Source: Canstar Blue survey of 3,000 adults, March 2016.

For most South Australians, the extra cost of homemade coffee is proving money well spent, with 71% using their coffee machine every day, compared with a national average of 59% and just 47% in Western Australia.

In addition, just 31% of South Aussies said they don’t use their coffee machine as much as they thought they would when they first bought it, compared with a national average of 37%, 40% in Western Australia and 41% in New South Wales.

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“Small appliances are often impulse purchases that end up gathering dust in a kitchen cupboard, but when it comes to coffee machines, the majority of South Australians are clearly getting their money’s worth,” added Mrs Doyle.

“Owning your own coffee machine is convenient and also likely to save you money in the long run, especially if you typically buy three or more cups of takeaway coffee every week. But in the end it comes down to personal preferences – if you’re convinced the barista-made coffee from your local café can’t be beaten, you’ll be happy paying for it. If you think your homemade cuppa is just as good, you’re onto a winner.”

Respondents to the Canstar Blue survey also rated their brand of coffee machine across a number of variables, including reliability, design, ease of use and value for money. Eight different brands featured in the results, but only Nescafé Dolce Gusto received a five-star rating for overall customer satisfaction.

“Consumers are most concerned about the reliability of their coffee machines, because there’s nothing worse than owning one that breaks down on a cold winter’s morning,” said Mrs Doyle. “But it also needs to be easy to use, because there’s no point owning a coffee machine that you don’t know how to use properly. That really would be a waste of money.”

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