Stainless Steel Fridges Buying Guide

With the kitchen often being the central hub of the household, as well as an area for entertaining, the aesthetic and layout of your kitchen is important. From the lighting, the functionality of the space and what appliances you choose to fill your kitchen with all impact on how well your kitchen works, which is crucial if you have a large household.

With the modern kitchen designed to be sleek, stainless steel appliances have grown in popularity over recent years, with the shiny finish able to complement many kitchens, regardless of the current colour scheme. With the added benefit of being easy to clean, stainless steel appliances have worked their way into many Aussie households, particularly when it comes to fridges. If you’re thinking of buying one for your kitchen, read on to find out what options are available.

Stainless Steel Fridges

Fisher & Paykel

Fisher Paykel RF411TLPX6 411L ActiveSmart Top Mount Fridge

If finding a stainless steel model is your only criteria, Fisher & Paykel has you covered, with the New Zealand company offering Aussie consumers a wide variety of models in the stainless steel finish. From top mounted fridges to integrated models to French Door series, Fisher & Paykel has it all, regardless of the household size.

Fisher & Paykel’s most popular models, the ActiveSmart range, would be suitable for larger families, with a capacity of more than 600L, as well as coming with plenty of helpful features and functions to keep your weekly shopping trip fresh and ready to be eaten. Fisher & Paykel’s top and bottom mounted fridges are generally the cheaper models within the range, if you’re a bit price conscious.

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Hisense HR6TFF534SD 534L Top Mount Fridge

Another brand with plenty of stainless steel fridges on offer for consumers, Hisense may not be as well known as the other brands on this page, but don’t let that put you off from the Chinese manufacturer. With a range as expansive as any other brand, Hisense offers Aussie consumers a cheaper option, but one that still comes with plenty of features and varieties.

Many of Hisense’s popular fridges include frost-free functionality as well as adjustable shelves, humidity controlled climates, as well as an LCD display panel on the higher-end models, allowing users to get the best out of their fridge, regardless of what food types they store. Hisense models are available at a number of Australian appliance retailers.


Kelvinator KTM5402AA 540L Top Mount Fridge

Founded in America, Kelvinator has long been an icon in the refrigeration business, with over 100 years of operation under its belt. Prioritising simplicity over variety – not necessarily a bad thing – Kelvinator may leave some consumers wanting over its range, but others will prefer the back-to-basics designs on offer.

Available in both top-mounted and bottom-mounted models, Kelvinator offers capacities between 231L and 536L, with the top-mount range more extensive. Other features from the company include Spillsafe glass shelves, FlexStor door storage, as well as frost free technology to ensure that none of your food is ruined. Reasonably priced, Kelvinator won’t break the bank either, with most models available for under $1,000.


LG GS B680PL 680L Side by Side Fridge

Offering possibly the largest range of stainless steel fridges, LG may be your option if you’re set on the sleek look. While known for its appliances and electronics, regardless of the finish, many consumers turn to LG for their home appliances, meaning you’ll likely be in safe hands with the South Korean company.

LG’s fridge range includes integrated models, French door and side-by-side models, as well as the more traditional models, all of which are available with a variety of added features and functions, all built to keep your fridge clean and fresh. For those after something a little fancy, LG also provides models with Door-in-Door functionality, as well as LED control panels to create user-friendly fridges.

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603L Samsung Side By Side Fridge SRS603HLS

A favourite for households who like to be up to date with technology, many of Samsung’s fridges come with the Family Hub, allowing users to leave notes, shop online or even take a peek inside the fridge without opening the door, allowing you to choose what you want to eat without letting out cold air.

The South Korean company has all types of models available, with stainless steel finishing available on all model types, giving consumers a wide range to choose from to suit their household and their kitchen.

Samsung’s Twin Cooling feature also allows food to kept fresher for longer, with five modes available for users to select. These include Holiday mode, as well as Economy and MiniBar modes, which can change the temperature of the fridge and freezer sections depending on which mode you select.


Westinghouse WHE6000SA Fridge

Similarly to Kelvinator, Westinghouse has been a household name in the refrigerator market, with the American company one of the most diverse in terms of model available for consumers. With capacities for all household sizes, Westinghouse may be the option for you.

Regardless of your preference for integrated, French Door, side-by-side or more traditional models, Westinghouse likely has you covered, with the stainless steel finish available across the entire range. Additional functions include water and ice dispensers, as well FlexSpace and FlexStore functions helping you fit the grocery shop in without squishing any fruits or veggies. Certain models also contain a lockable FamilySafe compartment, as well as a drinks chill timer alarm, helping those who like to entertain.

Is a stainless steel fridge worth the money?

With the main drawcard of a stainless steel appliance being the sleek look and the easy cleanup, whether or not you decide to deck your kitchen out with a stainless steel fridge will be entirely up to you. While others may consider the finish and colour to be the least important factor for purchasing a new product, others may feel different and prioritise the finish in order to create a certain aesthetic within their household. As a result, choosing a fridge is a very individual choice.

Regardless of which camp you fall into, it’s best to do your research first, as you may find some brands better suited to your household in regards to energy-saving technology, as well as capacity and extra features. With fridges built to last, purchasing a new one is more of an investment, so it pays to shop around and find one perfect for you.

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