The most expensive coffee machines you can buy

In this modern age, where even cheap coffee machines can provide you with cups of high-quality espresso, an expensive coffee machine might seem like an unnecessary indulgence. But we humans can be an indulgent bunch when we feel like it.

Coffee machines come in all shapes and sizes, as well as prices, so we decided to compile a list of some of the most expensive coffee machines that money can buy.

Jura Giga 5

Price $5,950

Offering the user 21 different coffee-based beverages to choose from, this Jura machine is a true indulgence. It comes with two of everything – two ceramic disc grinders, two heating systems, two pumps, and the ability to prepare two coffees simultaneously. It accommodates both whole and ground beans, and has separate containers for both – a compartment for ground beans and two ceramic grinder canisters for whole beans.

While the machine is mainly an automatic “press a button and coffee comes out” affair, you’re not entirely denied a hands-on experience. The machine’s ‘Expert Mode’ allows you to fiddle with settings, including volume, grind, coffee strength and water temperature in order to produce your perfect cup of coffee. And for the adventurous, there’s a Barista Menu that walks you through the making of advanced beverages such as marocchinos and Irish coffee.

The Giga 5 has a self-cleaning function, but does need frequent hand-cleaning for some of its bits and pieces. This might be a bit more effort than some are willing to put in, but for a coffee machine of this calibre it’s definitely worth it.

Delonghi PrimaDonna Exclusive ESAM 6900.M

Price $2,513

When it comes to coffee, Delonghi is possibly best known for making Nespresso machines, however its self-branded appliances shouldn’t be overlooked, especially when they’re as flashy as the PrimaDonna. Coming equipped with an integrated silent grinder, this stainless steel machine accepts whole or ground coffee beans and has 13 different grind settings to suit all tastes.

Everything is controlled via the machine’s touch screen – you can program multiple profiles for different members of the household, adjust the strength of your coffee (from extra weak to extra strong), pick the size of your cup, or even make yourself an Italian-style hot chocolate using the dedicated chocolate carafe.

Breville “The Oracle” BES980

Price $2,368

Melding the ease and convenience of an automatic coffee machine with the satisfaction of a true barista experience, The Oracle does everything your local barista would need to do to make your cup of coffee, but automates every step of the process.

The grinding of the beans, the tamping of the grounds and the texturing of the milk are all (among other functions) performed by this machine, meaning you’ll always end up with a barista quality cup of coffee without any risk of human error.

The Oracle comes with a dedicated espresso boiler, and allows you to specify the temperature you want your shot of black coffee to be delivered at, with only a 1°C margin of error. It’s worth noting that the machine does allow for some input on your part – factors such as the temperature and volume of your coffee can be controlled, as can the strength of the extraction and the amount of milk added to the coffee.

Sunbeam Torino PU8000

Price $1,999

Inspired by the classic Italian e61 espresso machine, this coffeemaker is packed full of incredible and innovative technology. It’s the first coffee machine in Australia to use a triple Thermablock system, with two dedicated to quickly and evenly heating the water required for extraction, and the third used to create the steam required for milk texturing.

While it has some automatic functions, this machine is one of the more manual coffeemakers on the list, allowing you to more closely mimic an authentic barista experience. While the machine has a one-touch espresso function, it lets you fiddle with settings such as water temperature and length of extraction, allowing for more personalised coffees to be made. A pressure gauge depicts the pressure level of any given extraction – an important factor in making good espresso.

The Torino also stands as the only coffee machine on this list to come with a separate, stand-alone grinder, as opposed to an integrated or built-in grinder. This grinder uses belt-driven conical burrs in order to minimise motor vibrations, ensuring a more consistent grind to deliver better results.

Miele CM 6310

Price $1,599

Miele’s slogan translates in English as “always better” and that’s certainly a fair claim with this coffee machine. It does everything for you – it grinds, it measures, it extracts, and then once it’s done making your beverage it gives itself a thorough clean, running hot water through its various pipes and nozzles.

The machine accommodates either whole or ground beans, and in the case of whole beans, allows you to customise the coarseness or fineness of the grind based on what you’re after. Other customisable settings include the temperature of both water and milk and the ratio of the former to the latter (ten different sizes/ratio options are available.

This model can prepare two drinks simultaneously, and is pre-programmed to prepare coffees, including espresso, cappuccino, latte macchiato and ristretto. Going beyond the pre-programmed options, users can program up to four different user profiles, which will remember that user’s specific preferences for grind, cup size, temperature and ratio of water to milk.

Are they worth the money?

None of these coffee machines come cheap, but if you think about how much you spend annually on your coffee order, it will give you a bit of context as to why they come with the price tags they do. The amount of innovation and technology crammed into these machines is nothing short of remarkable, and if you were to purchase any of them, you’ll probably be more than satisfied with the quality of the coffee you’re drinking.

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