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Canstar Blue research puts appliance brands across a number of categories to the test every year, with consumers rating their new whitegoods on factors such as design, ease of use and value for money. But for a great many households, the question they want answered more than any other is: Which appliances are the most reliable?

When we talk about reliability, or performance, we basically mean appliances that don’t break down or generally make like difficult for their users. If you’ve ever owned a temperamental washing machine or lacklustre dishwasher, you’ll know exactly what we’re saying.

So, what are the most reliable appliances? We’ve reviewed our customer ratings from the last year to point you in the right direction. Some of the brands mentioned have not topped our overall satisfaction scores, but sometimes reliability is more important than things like design, quietness or price, and many consumers will no doubt consider five-star reliability and performance worth paying for.

Air conditioners

Most reliable: Fujitsu General, Mitsubishi Electric

Fujitsu General and Mitsubishi Electric were the most reliable brands to emerge from our new air conditioner ratings. In fact they were also two of the highest rated overall, so you can consider your home comfort in safe hands. Earning five stars for both reliability and value for money is a ringing endorsement.


Most reliable: LG, Kelvinator, Westinghouse

Three brands were awarded five stars for reliability in our most recent refrigerator ratings, LG, Kelvinator and Westinghouse. LG was the highest rated brand overall, achieving the maximum scores in every category, but Kelvinator and Westinghouse also earned solid results across the board.


Most reliable: Miele

Only one brand, Miele, was deemed worthy of a five-star performance rating in our latest annual review of dishwashers. You know what they say about German engineering! While other manufacturers came close with four stars, Miele was the standout performer in almost every category. It seems that, when it comes to dishwashers, you get what you pay for.


Most reliable: Bosch, Miele

If reliability and even heat distribution are your priorities when it comes to ovens, and they probably will be, then you might want to look at either Bosch or Miele. From a crowded field in our latest comparison of ovens, these two brands stood out, with Bosch top of the pile for overall satisfaction.

Clothes dryers

Most reliable: Electrolux

Electrolux leads the way in terms of performance and reliability when it came to clothes dryers, our latest customer survey found. However, that wasn’t enough to get the brand to top spot overall, with Fisher & Paykel scoring five stars in every category except for performance and reliability.

Top loader washing machines

Most reliable: Fisher & Paykel, LG

Some brands we’ve seen before in this review are popping up again, with Fisher & Paykel and LG taking out top honours for performance and reliability in regards to their top loader washing machines. Fisher & Paykel did particularly well, receiving five stars across the board!

Front loader washing machines

Most reliable: Miele

Miele with a reliability hat-trick! The premium brand’s front loader washing machines were the only recipient of a five-star rating for performance and reliability in our latest comparison, as well as receiving five stars in every other category. No other brand scored five stars for any of the criteria, which certainly says a lot about the quality of Miele’s washing machines.

All about reliability?

A common theme from our research is that consumers are often disappointed with the performance and reliability of their major home appliances. For most households, things like washing machines, ovens and dishwashers will be around for several years, so it pays to do your research. Everyone wants to grab a bargain, but you’ll soon forget how much you paid and could be left pulling your hair out if that new appliance lets you down. That’s not to say that all cheap appliances are unreliable, but as we mentioned, you often get what you paid for.

So if long-term reliability is top of your agenda, we hope this review proves helpful.

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