9 things you didn’t know you should store in the fridge

Listen up, because this is the coolest article you will read all day – let’s talk fridges. We all have them, sitting innocently in our kitchen keeping our food cool and fresh, but little did we know, they can do so much more. There’s a whole world of miscellaneous goods out there just waiting to be refrigerated – and now it’s your time to learn what they are, and why you should start filling your fridge with more than just groceries. Read on as Canstar Blue reveals some of the more surprising household articles that are better when partnered with a fridge.

Beauty products you can put in the fridge

Aloe Vera

This one is pretty straightforward – and we’re sure that some people have come to this discovery after a day at the beach. Aloe Vera gel is widely known to relieve burns, wounds and irritated skin through its cooling properties – and what better way to speed up the healing process than with extra chilled Aloe Vera fresh from the fridge? Trust us – it works like a treat.


Fridge Eyeliner

Surprisingly, makeup and beauty products seem to be the ones benefitting the most from a move to the fridge. Eyeliner in particular seems to be the most successful when it comes to performance after some time in the fridge, as the soft tip will harden in the centre, and become much easier to sharpen and achieve a perfect point. Hello, slick cat eye!

Eye cream

Similar to Aloe Vera, this one is fairly self-explanatory. Eye cream is made to soothe the skin around the eyes and reduce puffiness. Of course, when a cream is colder it is going become more soothing – exactly what you need in a de-puffy eye cream. This also goes for any other de-puffy and soothing skin care, such as face masks, so be sure to have some on ice for your next skin care night in.

Nail Polish

Fridge Eyeliner

If you’re looking to extend the life of your nail polish, this one’s for you. We all hate opening up our nail polishes bottles only to discover lumpy polish – a direct result of the (ridiculously hot) Australian heat. Store your nail polishes in the fridge to eliminate these lumps, but beware that long period of times in the fridge can result in polish harder to apply!

If you plan on painting your nails, take the polish out of the fridge and leave to rest in room temperature for a few hours before applying. If you live in a cold climate, you can probably just skip this entirely and go about living your perfectly-manicured nails life, but for the rest of us, the fridge is the next best thing.

Perfume and face mists

Yep, we even advise you try whacking any perfumes and face mists (e.g. skincare or makeup setting sprays) into the fridge. This is for a couple of reasons; for perfumes, too much heat and light can break down the chemicals inside your perfume, while for sprays, we just prefer a cool mist than a room temperature one!

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Other things you can put in the fridge


The Smell of left-overs is just a bonus

Moving off beauty and skincare, this one is pretty common knowledge. You may have seen florists storing their freshly cut flowers in fridges or, most commonly, a small room with an extremely low temperature. This is to ensure the flowers stay beautiful, prevent them from wilting and ensuring their longevity. Your fridge is no different to the florists! Store your freshly purchased flowers in your own fridge if you need to extend their lives before displaying or giving them to that someone special.


On a particularly hot day, can you think of anything better than hitting the sack and being greeted by an ice-cold pillow case? Because honestly, we can’t. If you know that the night is going to be hot, store your freshly cleaned pillowcase in your fridge during the day (inside a plastic bag to prevent food contamination) and treat yourself to a really cool sleep.


This is one that’s sure to cause a bit of a debate. There are those who swear by placing candles in the fridge, you increase its burning time, while others are dubious about how well this works. Either way, it can’t hurt to try we say! Give it a crack and weigh in on the debate for yourself, you might be surprised.

Photography film

One way to make a truly chilling film

Believe it or not, storing your film in your fridge is actually a great idea! Heat and humidity can cause damage to film, as can long-term storage in the back of the garage, so keeping film somewhere cool allows for consistent results. However, much like nail polish, it’s important to bring the film back to room temperature before being loaded into the camera. This technique is probably more helpful for someone who is as avid photography and stores a lot of film in their home, but something that may come in handy for the amateur photographer as well.

Keeping a cool head

Obviously, the weekly grocery shop of eggs and milk takes priority when it comes to finding space in the fridge, but if you’ve got a bit of room left over, or you’re looking for a few lifehacks, then popping these extras in the fridge may save you during the next heatwave. So, there you have it – and now, you can just go ahead and print out this article and pop it in your fridge too.

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