Thousands of recalled washing machines still missing

washing machine recall - samsung

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) is appealing to people visiting family and friends this Christmas to keep an eye out for one of thousands of potentially dangerous top loading washing machines.


Over two years since the recall of 144,000 Samsung washing machine was announced, 45,047 have still not been located.

“Each of these machines is a fire risk and the ACCC is working with Samsung and NSW Fair Trading to try and locate these machines. If moisture penetrates the machine’s electrical connectors, a fire hazard can result,” said ACCC Deputy Chair Delia Rickard. “We are appealing to everyone visiting family and friends these holidays to help them check their washing machines. If the machine is a top loading Samsung, you must check the model number on the back of the machine or in the product manual.”


In April 2013, Samsung announced a recall of over 144,000 units of six models of top loading washing machines that had been for sale since February 2010.

The affected Samsung model numbers are:


There have been 252 reports of fires or smoking incidents with the recalled models, according to the ACCC.


Ms Rickard also asked people staying in holiday houses to check the machines where they are staying, as these washing machines may not have been checked, especially if the house may have been vacant for a while.

“Under the Australian Consumer Law, owners of affected machines are entitled to their choice of a repair, an exchange or a full refund,” said Ms Rickard. “Consumers who have had their machine repaired and are concerned about or dissatisfied with the repair are still entitled to ask for a refund or replacement from their supplier.”

If you find an affected machine that has not already been repaired by Samsung, you should contact the company immediately on 1800 239 655.

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