The typical vacuum cleaner research and purchase process


Vacuum Cleaner ResearchWhen purchasing a brand new vacuum cleaner, it seems that Australians equally seek out information to help with their purchase from the physical retail shop (41%) and by jumping online (39%). But talking to family or friends about their experiences is considered to be a much lower priority (15%).

About one in four respondents to the Canstar Blue survey claim to do absolutely no vacuum cleaner research at all – the second highest number of any of the eight major appliances categories we researched, only behind microwaves.

More than eight in ten actually make their new vacuum cleaner purchase at a retail store, with very few opting for online fulfilment. However, two in three people we surveyed who conducted most of their research online, actually followed through and purchased online too – which suggests that the online channel will continue to grow in the future.

The reported results are based on over 900 respondents surveyed by Colmar Brunton in 2013 who had researched and purchased a new vacuum cleaner in the last two years.

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