Washing Machines you can buy with Afterpay

Like most large appliances, washing machines aren’t cheap. But the good news is that many retailers now offer Afterpay as a way to get that big-ticket item without paying the whole cost upfront. If you’re in need of a new washing machine but don’t have hundreds of dollars to spare, we’ve listed some of the top and front loaders available to buy through Afterpay. While numerous stores offer the service, we’ve narrowed down a shortlist from Appliances Online as a helpful starting point.

Washing Machines you can buy using Afterpay

Here’s a list of front load washing machines available to buy through Afterpay on Appliances Online:

  • Bosch 8kg Front Load Washing Machine WAW28460AU: $1,599 RRP*
  • Samsung 8.5Kg Front Load Washing Machine WW85K54E0UW: $1,249 RRP*
  • Fisher & Paykel 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine WH7560P2: $1,099 RRP*
  • LG 9kg Series 5 Front Load Washing Machine WV5-1409W: $1,079 RRP*
  • Electrolux 7.5 Kg Front Load Washing Machine EWF7524CDWA: $1,049 RRP*

Here’s a few options in the top loader category, available to buy with Afterpay on Appliances Online:

  • Simpson 9kg Top Load Washing Machine SWT9043: $1,119 RRP*
  • Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg Top Load Washing Machine WA8560G1: $999 RRP*
  • Samsung 8.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine WA85N6750BV: $949 RRP*
  • LG 6.5kg Top Load Washing Machine WTG6520: $605 RRP*
  • Esatto 6kg Top Load Washing Machine ETL6.1: $599*

Front Load Washing Machines you can buy with Afterpay

Bosch 8kg Front Load Washing Machine WAW28460AU


This 8kg front load washing machine from Bosch has various features for busy lifestyles. It’s equipped with 14 washing programs, including a delicate and a quick wash cycle. It has an ‘Add Item’ system, allowing you to add missed clothing mid-cycle, plus a time delay function so that you can plan ahead.

Its automatic load sensor is stated to measure the precise amount of water required for each load, claimed to help reduce water and electricity costs. Other features include Bosch’s VarioPerfect functions like EcoPerfect and SpeedPerfect, that make cycles quicker and more energy efficient. It has a four-star energy efficiency rating and a five-star water efficiency rating.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $399.75*

Samsung 8.5Kg Front Load Washing Machine WW85K54E0UW


Samsung’s Addwash front load washing machine has an 8.5kg capacity, and features 14 different wash cycles, which you can select from its LED control panel. This includes a 15 minute quick wash cycle which allows you to wash up to 2kg of lightly soiled items for when you need an outfit in a hurry. It has a Delay End feature and a child lock for safety. It’s also equipped with Samsung’s AddWash function, which allows you to add forgotten clothing without draining the drum.

This washer also comes with Samsung’s Bubble Wash technology stated to pre-mix detergent with air and water at the beginning of the cycle for effective cleaning apparently and the optional BubbleSoak system that soaks clothes in bubbles before the wash starts for an intense clean. It has a four-star energy efficiency rating and a four-and-a-half-star water efficiency rating.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $312.25*

Fisher & Paykel 7.5kg Front Load Washing Machine WH7560P2


Fisher & Paykel offers this 7.5kg front load washing machine packed with features to help ease the load when it comes to doing the laundry. There are 13 programs to choose from, including a standard Cotton, Everyday and Quick Wash, with a Vortex Wash function to speed up the cleaning process. Similar to the two models above, it has an ‘Add Garment’ function that lets you load forgotten items after the cycle has begun.

Its SmartDrive motor is claimed to deliver quieter washing. Plus, its timed liquid dispenser is said to distribute detergent at the right time for optimised results. It has a four-star energy efficiency rating and a four-and-a-half-star water efficiency rating. This machine is also available in 8.5kg and 12kg capacities for larger households.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $274.75*

LG 9kg Series 5 Front Load Washing Machine WV5-1409W


For a large 9kg capacity unit, you may like to consider this front loader from LG. It’s claimed to feature A.I. technology that automatically selects the “optimal” washing pattern by assessing the weight and fabric softness of your clothes. It’s designed for durability with a stainless-steel inner drum and filters, plus a tempered glass door. It’s equipped with LG’s Smart THINQ technology, which allows you to view the status, start the load remotely, download cycles and more.

There are 11 programs to choose from, one of which is the ‘Allergy Care’ setting for items like bedding or clothing where allergens – pollen and dust mites – might be present. You also have the ability to delay the start time to better suit your schedule. It has a four-and-a-half-star energy efficiency rating, with the same rating for water efficiency, using 77L per wash.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $269.75*

Electrolux 7.5 Kg Front Load Washing Machine EWF7524CDWA


The 7.5kg JetSystem front load washer from Electrolux has plenty to boast about. It has a stainless-steel drum, plus a drum door that’s designed with an extra-large opening to help with loading and unloading. Its EcoInverter motor is claimed to cut vibrations and noise to 52 decibels. Its Add Clothes function lets you add any forgotten items, so that your socks always find their pair.

There are 15 different programs, including the wool program which is accredited by the Woolmark Company, meaning this washer will take care of delicate wool garments. Additionally, it has a vapour cycle, claimed to reduce wrinkles and eliminate 99% of allergens and germs. It has a four-star energy efficiency rating and four-and-a-half-star water efficiency rating.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $262.25*

Top Load Washing Machines you can buy with Afterpay

Simpson 9kg Top Load Washing Machine SWT9043


For a large capacity top load washer, you might like to consider this 9kg washing machine from Simpson. It has 11 different washing programs, with a Quick Wash and a Delicates wash also available. Inside the drum it has a Gentle Wash Agitator that’s said to gently move clothes in multiple directions for efficient cleaning. It also comes with a toughened glass lid, claimed to be scratch resistant and durable enough to hold your laundry basket.

It comes with a Time Adjust option, allowing you to increase or decrease the wash time to better suit your schedule, otherwise, you can use the Delay End function to select when you want your washing to be completed. This unit has a three-and-a-half-star energy efficiency rating and a three-and-a-half-star water efficiency rating.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $279.75*

Fisher & Paykel 8.5kg Top Load Washing Machine WA8560G1


This 8.5kg top loader from Fisher & Paykel has plenty of features to help get the job done. The control panel is said to be easy to navigate with six different wash settings, with a full 8.5kg stated to be done in around an hour, ideal for when you’ve got plenty of washing to be done on the weekend. There’s also a Delay Start feature to set the wash time for up to 18 hours in advance.

Its agitator features flexible fins to help reduce tangling and ensure garment care while its SmartDrive motor is claimed to be quieter compared to previous models. It has a fairly low energy efficiency score of two-and-a-half stars and three-and-a-half stars for water efficiency, using 96L of water per load.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $249.75*

Samsung 8.5Kg Top Load Washing Machine WA85N6750BV


If black appliances are something you’re into, perhaps this 8.5kg Activ DualWash top load washer from Samsung is right up your alley. It features a built-in sink and a water jet, allowing you to pre-treat stains or hand-wash delicate items before putting them in the drum. The LED control panel is located at the back of the unit, designed for comfort, so you don’t have to bend or stretch for the controls, plus they’re touch operated. It’s also fitted with Samsung’s Smart Check system to help detect and troubleshoot any problems via the app.

There are 12 different wash programs to choose from, and it you’re a pet owner, its Magic Filters are specifically designed to gather flint, fluff and other particles from your washed clothing. It has a two-star energy efficiency rating but has a four-star water efficiency rating, using 87L of water per load.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $237.25*

LG 6.5kg Top Load Washing Machine WTG6520


LG’s 6.5kg top load washing machine is equipped with seven different washing programs. These include Blanket, Cotton, E-Cotton, Pre-Wash Cotton, Quick Wash, Silent Wash and Wool cycles. This unit doesn’t feature an agitator, meaning you have more space inside the tub for larger items such as blankets.

There is a delay start feature to plan the washing around your schedule, and a child lock setting for safety. Plus, with LG’s Smart Diagnosis technology, you can pair this unit with your smartphone to diagnose any issues that you might have. In terms of energy efficiency, it has a two-and-a-half-star rating and a three-star rating for water efficiency.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $151.25*

Esatto 6kg Top Load Washing Machine ETL6.1


The smallest capacity washing machine in this list, this 6kg top loader from Esatto is packed with the standard features you’d expect from a washer. It features a large LED display panel, allowing you to control the temperature, spin speed, water levels and activate the child lock feature. There are six wash programs available, including a quick wash, jeans and anti-crease cycle.

You have the flexibility to add forgotten items during certain stages of the washing cycle, similar to other top load washing machines. There is also a delay start feature, giving you the option to control the time your washing is done by. This unit has a one-and-a-half-star energy efficiency rating and three stars for water efficiency.

  • Afterpay: 4 payments of $149.75*

What is Afterpay?

Afterpay is a service that allows you to purchase items from participating physical stores or online retailers and pay in four easy, interest-free instalments rather than having to pay the whole cost upfront. The first instalment is paid at the time of purchase, while the remaining three are required to be paid every fortnight. While there’s no interest to be paid in using this service, late payment fees do apply. To help you keep on track of your repayments, Afterpay sends out a schedule and notifications.

When selecting Afterpay as your payment method for the first time, you’ll be required to create an account, with approval for purchases usually given within minutes. It is available online and in-store, with the in-store option requiring you to use the Afterpay App. The app further lets you manage existing orders, make payments and find all retailers that offer the service.

How does Afterpay work on Appliances Online?

Using Afterpay with Appliance Online works in the same way as with any other retailer:

  1. Add items to your bag and proceed to checkout
  2. Select Afterpay as your payment method
  3. Enter your details with Afterpay

You will then have your payment schedule emailed to you.

Afterpay on Appliances Online requires you to have funds for the first payment at the time of purchase, with the three other repayments to be made over the next six weeks. Once you have been an Afterpay user for six weeks, for all orders under $500, you can make your first payment within 14 days, with all other repayments to be made in eight weeks.

When you miss a payment, you will be charged a late payment fee of $10, with a further $7 fee added seven days later if the payment is still unpaid. To be eligible for Afterpay, you’ll need an Australian debit or credit card, be over 18 years of age, and live in Australia.

Appliance retailers that offer Afterpay

Afterpay sign on a shopfront window

Aside from Appliances Online, there are plenty of other retailers that offer Afterpay as a payment option that you can turn to for your next big purchase:

  • Big W
  • Bing Lee
  • Catch
  • Crazy Sales
  • Dyson
  • Factory Buys
  • Godfreys
  • House
  • Kogan
  • Later Gator
  • Mitre 10
  • Myer
  • Open Shop
  • Robins Kitchen
  • Shopzero

Should I buy a washing machine on Afterpay?

“Buy what you want today, pay for it in four instalments, interest-free.” This might sound appealing but be sure you’re buying something that you really need, not just as an impulse buy. The service provides a handy way to help consumers pay for an expensive item, who may not have the money upfront or don’t want such a big hit to their pocket when buying a new appliance. As washing machines can be expensive to buy in one upfront payment, Afterpay can certainly ease the load.

It’s fairly simple to use Afterpay – as long as you make the payments on time! Plus, there are plenty of appliance retailers that have the service available. To help you compare a range of washing machines brands, you may like to check out our washing machine ratings via the link below and get the opinions of everyday Aussies before deciding where to spend your money.

Front Load Washing Machine Reviews

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*Prices taken from Appliances Online, correct as of November 2019

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