What makes LG refrigerators stand out

LG is a leading brand in household appliances and in 2015 achieved our Most Satisfied Customers Award for refrigerators. So we asked an LG spokesperson what the company is getting right.

Q) LG has a reputation for innovation and our survey found that about one in three consumers are interested in products that come with the latest technology and features. Can you give us an overview of your latest innovations in the refrigerator category and tell us about any new plans in the pipeline? 

A) The LG tagline “Innovation for a Better Life” is clearly exhibited by the continuous innovation in the refrigerator category. Recently launched models featuring the LG Door-In-Door™ with Custom Chill™ Drawer allows you to choose a pre-set temperature for the CustomChill™ Drawer to suit your needs, independent from the rest of the refrigerator. Consumers can set their drawer to -1°C for farm-fresh meat or seafood, 1°C for cool lagers, 3°C for deli snacks or 5°C for champagnes and sparkling wines.

The LG Door-in-Door™ feature provides quick and easy access to items that consumers use the most, and reduces cold air loss by up to 41 per cent compared to opening the full door*. Furthermore, LG will continue to launch new technology to realise the LG promise ‘Innovation for a Better Life’, including the world’s first refrigerator with triple filtration ice and water dispenser, and a refrigerator featuring speakers with Bluetooth connectivity to fill your kitchen with sound!

Q) Internal layout and the quality of fittings are major drivers of satisfaction for consumers after they buy a new fridge. Can you tell us about the research that goes into designing the inside layout of LG refrigerators and how you meet the expectations of customers in this area? 

A) LG is always keen to listen to its customers. Research conducted by LG Australia uncovered a sentiment that the traditional deep freezer drawer designs can lack organisation. When shown the LG “Five Door” design with two freezer doors and ample internal shelving, market research participants loved this feature. Consumers have been very excited about this design which gives them the ability to organise their food by such things as type and date, or products. (The other three doors are for the non-freezer section, with two main doors and the signature Door-In-Door™.) The models GF-5D906SL& GF-5D712SL are currently available in Australia and the market has responded very well to these products.

Q) We found energy efficiency was a major purchase decision factor for four out of five consumers when they bought a new fridge. Can you tell us about the energy efficiency of LG refrigerators – does a higher rating always mean a higher price?  

A) LG continues to work to improve energy efficiency across its entire range. Many of the LG top mount and bottom mount fridges offer the highest star ratings in their categories. Australian consumers have appliances in their homes for the better part of a decade so LG wants to give its customers reassurance that they are buying quality and receiving real value for money. A great example of energy efficient models are the LG bottom mount refrigerators with a four star-energy rating (GB-450UPL, GN-450UWL, GN-W450UPL, GN-W450USL). All of the models feature a 450 litre capacity, with the impressive energy efficiency rating being driven by the LG Inverter Linear Compressor, which offers greater control of temperature, less vibration, and less noise than a conventional compressor system.

* Based on Intertek testing of refrigerator models SX5534WB, GR-S632GLRC and LFX31945ST/02, according to internal test methodology, measuring percentage reduction in exchange rate of air when opening the Door-in-Door compared to the full door for 10 seconds. Results may vary by models and duration of door opening.

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